OOTD: Malibu Barbie

My friend Janice loves to dress people up. She’s cute that way. 

So, on the day we hung out before she leaves for Manila, we decided to have a short photoshoot.

By photoshoot, I mean, she styled me up like Malibu Barbie and took LOTS of photos of me. I’m so glad my friends absolutely approve of my pink hair, no judgments necessary. 

Here are some of the photos from that “shoot”:


Makeup and styling by Janice Maglasang.

How to get pink hair

If you’ve been checking out my Instagram posts, you would have noticed that I dyed my hair pink.

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  I’ve always wanted to have pink hair and now I finally managed to do it. Although the attempt was riddled with anxiety (bleach is a bitch), you don’t have to worry as much as I did. 
In fact, getting your hair to pink doesn’t have to be difficult.
How do you dye your hair pink?

First, go for an attitude shift.
How? By forgoing any fear of getting unnatural hair colors and just go to feeling inspired!
I get my inspiration and motivation through Tasha Leelyn’s video: https://youtu.be/87Qmt8sSHtI

Also, I stalk the #pinkhair and #pinkhairdontcare tags on Instagram fairly often. 

The inspiration will definitely leave you feeling more excited to get pink hair and less anxious to dye it.


I cannot emphasize this enough. You have to be fearless enough to go for a bleach.

Yes, it will damage your hair. 

Yes, it will leave your hair feeling dry.

But, yes, you need it so the color pink has to come out. 

No bleach = no pink. 

I would suggest going to a professional for a bleach. I didn’t want to try bleaching at home since I wanted to have my pink hair be perfect AND I don’t want to risk the damage of amateur bleaching. 

I read that to get the perfect white for pastel hair colors, you have to bleach it at least twice. To do that, you need to leave at least a month interval between bleaches so you don’t ruin your hair.

I only bleached my hair once since I didn’t want to spend a month with white-blonde hair. It still had yellow tints, though, so you have to be patient in order to get the second round of bleaches. I’m lucky my hair absorbed the bleach well enough.

The bleach should only be on your hair for an hour, at most. Not more than that so your hair stays safe and healthy. Don’t forget to wash it off with shampoo and conditioner afterwards.
Three, use Virgin Coconut Oil.

To make bleaching easier for you, try using coconut oil and leaving it on the night before you bleach your hair. It’s also better to use coconut oil as hair treatment weeks before the bleach. Use it on your hair before performing the actual bleaching. I found that it made the bleaching process that much more tolerable and less painful.


Four, choose the right hair dye.

I used Arctic Fox in Virgin Pink but I also read several good reviews of Manic Panic. I chose Arctic Fox because it smelled so good and it was what Tasha Leelyn used. Also, it’s vegan and wasn’t tested on animals. 


Five, use white conditioner to dilute the pink dye.

The conditioner has to be white. You can use any conditioner so long as it’s white. 

On a plastic bowl, mix two-thirds white conditioner with one-thirds of the hair dye. If you want it to be lighter, use only a few drops of hair dye. Use too much and it will turn into a reddish pink, use too little and it will be very pale (which fades really fast). I used more dye since my hair still has the yellow tint and I wanted to avoid looking orange.

Six, enlist a friend to help you apply the dye.

Start at the roots then work your way to the ends of your hair. Having a friend to help is much easier since they can deal with the hard to reach areas such as the back of the head.  

Seven, set the color for 30 minutes or more.

This would depend on how dark you want the color to be. Wrap your head with a shower cap to protect your hair. I didn’t have a shower cap so I used a plastic bag (teehee) and helped the color absorb faster by heating my hair with a hair dryer. 

Make sure to always check your hair color so it goes according to how you want it to look like.
Eight, wash it off.

Don’t worry about the color washing off the drain. It won’t affect your hair color. 

Don’t use shampoo or conditioner. Use an old towel to dry your hair, keeping in mind that hair color looks darker when wet and it will lighten up by a shade if it’s dry.

I air-dried mine and, now, it’s looking fantastic! https://instagram.com/p/6H19B3IFbZ/

Have fun playing with colors!!

Workout Progress: Week 6

Hola minna-san! Hi everyone!

It’s a fine August day here in Cebu and, like most days, it is truly much better to thoroughly enjoy it! 

Now, this may seem a bit clichΓ© but it’s wonderful to have at least some words of encouragement every now and then. This is especially true in order to brighten up sad and gloomy days since August has started the outpour of torrential rains in Cebu. πŸ˜“β˜”οΈ

But while the rainy season is sure to bring about muddy streets and darker skies, days will certainly be brighter with a “singing in the rain” mindset.

With that said, I hope you can all look forward to dancing through the rain this month (figuratively and literally, of course). 

As per the title of this post, I’m here to update you all regarding my workout progress. I know it’s not much. I certainly didn’t notice major aesthetic changes since I still think my belly is still very “jiggly”. 

I did notice a LOT of mental attitude shifting into a more positive direction. I’m now more excited to go to the gym even though I know I can’t move properly afterwards (haha) and I am also starting to feel restless on “rest days”.    
I did also notice a LOT of physical progress, fitness-wise. I was initially worried regarding the intensity and number of workouts in my modified FitnessGirl Diary’s Workout Plan, but I managed to survive two straight days of intense workouts including the Beach Body Workout Session last Friday. I’m not saying it was easy (far from it), but I still managed to finish and survive so I know I could handle a full week of it. Does that mean I’m getting stronger? I really hope so!

1st workout had us feeling like…

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I also feel much lighter and I now think about food much more frequently (who knew I could be more gluttonous than ever?). 

The week end struggle is real πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ . @officialdoyoueven πŸ‘ˆ

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Put it on my resume. . @officialdoyoueven πŸ‘ˆ

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But looking at these photos, I’m starting to feel even more motivated. I didn’t realize my belly fat shrinked so much in just two weeks! I still think my arms need some work but I can definitely feel the muscle growing. 


What they say about progress photos is most definitely true. I never really noticed a lot of physical change happening until I looked back and said “woah!”

 Most of the time, I was only just worried that I’m working too much but that it’s probably not going anywhere. I look at my belly fat and worry that it isn’t shrinking.
Then I looked at these photos and I realized that there is change! I then start to look forward to how much it could change in the next few weeks or months. It’s definitely very motivating!

If you’re thinking of working out or you have just started working out, definitely don’t forget to take progress photos even if the lighting is crappy or even if you feel fat. 

You WILL feel great about it soon enough. You WILL definitely feel proud of your efforts and it WILL motivate you to work much more consistently. 

My progress is far from having abs, but it’s definitely progress. 

I hope this post inspires you in one way or another. I’m as much a noob to the fitness world as you are. Let’s take this journey to a healthier life together!

This πŸ‘Œ @officialdoyoueven

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Have a great day everyone!

FitgirlsDiary’s Weight Loss Program

Since I have just started going to the gym, I simply lifted a few weights and played with the machines. I tried to follow a plan I found online but I couldn’t commit to it since it felt too “easy”. By easy, I meant I only get to lift heavy for a short amount of time and I felt I was cheating myself. At the end of each program cycle, I hardly managed a good sweat and I still have too much energy that I had to try other machines at the gym so I could kill time and get my sweat on.
So, I decided to look for a plan that would really challenge me. I know I’m just looking for more trouble and pain, but what the heck. I have to see if I could handle it. Also, my month doing the Beach Body workout inspired me to add proper weightlifting to my workout routine in order to maximize strength and weight loss (mostly fat loss). 
I want abs. That’s it. I need to see that I really could because I sincerely believe if I work hard enough, I could really do it.
So, in my quest through fitness tips on Pinterest, I came upon FitGirlsDiary’s Weight Loss Program. It’s actually very interesting because it focuses on working a lot of muscle groups for every session. Also, it encourages strength training AND cardio in order to maximize weight loss. I figured, why not? This might be fun. Sure, it’s intensely painful and exhausting but I’m also sure it’s hella fun. See how masochistic I am? 

Anyway, I checked through all the workouts she linked based on the muscles focused on such as the chest, shoulders, triceps, butt, legs, back, biceps and abs
 I then decided I’d modify her program based on the workouts I want to learn more on. 

Below is my version of FitgirlsDiary’s Weight Loss Program:

Lift Days: MTThF

Cardio Days: SWS



  • Bench Press 3×13  
  • Dumbbell Pullover 3×13   
  • Butterfly & Dumbbell Flies 3×13  


  • Dumbbell Press 3×15  
  • Front Raises 3×15 


  • Overhead Lateral Triceps Extension 3×15  
  • Cable Triceps Extension 3×15  


  • Squats with Barbell 3×15  
  • Deadlifts bent knees 3×15  

30-mins cardio




  • Straight knees Deadlifts 3×15 
  • Walking Lunges 3×15 
  • Leg Extensions – use machine 3×15 
  • Leg Curls 3×15 
  • Leg Press 3×15 


  • Wide-grip Pulldown 3×15  
  • Seated Cable Row 3×30 


  • Barbell Curls 4×13 
  • Cable Curls 4×13 

30-mins cardio
8PM – Beach Body Workout

1 hour Jogging


  • Crunches 3×20 
  • Bicycle Crunches 3×20
  • V Crunches 3×20
  • Leg Lifting 3×20
  • Plank 3×20
  • Supermans 3×20



  • Push Ups 3×13  
  • Incline Bench Press 3×13  
  • Dumbbell Pullover 3×13 


  • Sitting Military Press 3×15  
  • Reverse Fly 3×15 
  • Lateral Raises 3×15 


  • Kettlebell Overhead Lateral Triceps Extension 3×15   
  • Triceps Dips 3×15  


  • Squats with Barbell 3×15  
  • Lunges 3×15

30-mins cardio

8PM – Beach Body Workout



  • Straight-knees Deadlifts 3×15 
  • Squats with Barbell 3×15 
  • Leg curls 3×15 
  • Leg Press 3×15 
  • Leg Extensions 3×15 


  • Front Lat Pulldown 3×15  
  • One Arm Dumbbell Row 3×15 


  • Alternating Hammer Curls 4×13 
  • Concentration Curls 4×13 

30-mins cardio


1 hour Jogging


  •  Crunches 3×20 
  • Bicycle Crunches 3×20
  • V Crunches 3×20
  • Leg Lifting 3×20
  • Plank 3×20
  • Supermans 3×20

8PM – Beach Body Workout

Rest Day

1 hour Jogging
Remember, you can make your own too. It’s all about making sure you have fun and your enjoy your workouts so fitness will come easier. Just give it a try. 

Weight Loss Update

On June 16, 2015 – 3 days before my birthday this year – I decided to join a Resistance Circuit Training called the Beach Body Workout at the Flow Genesis Parkour and Gym Studio in Mandaue. Since I work out with gym buddies, Chris and Errol, there’s accountability whenever we need to work out. We work out three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

On July 7, 2015, I decided to incorporate weight training since I had to stay in Mindanao for a week, hence, I can’t work out with them. I had to be disciplined enough to keep working out even when I wasn’t in Cebu. Lifting weights just seemed to make more sense.

When I went back to Cebu, I continued with the resistance training at Flow Genesis. 

Since I had to come back to Mindanao for my step-dad’s birthday on July 17, 2015 (and might have to stay here for another week), I went right back to lifting 3x a week as substitute for the Beach Body Workout. I have also started to jog again every morning but I try to make sure I don’t exceed 40 mins so I don’t lose muscle, just fat.

Below are my progress photos during my workouts. 



I apologize for the quality of the photos but, seriously, I’m so happy! There’s actual physical progress right there and I’m so glad! My arms are still big but I can definitely feel my muscles growing on my biceps and triceps. Also, I didn’t expect to see so much progress on my stomach in less than a month. To think I actually ate a lot of McDonald’s burgers on my first month! It’s a terrible habit I definitely have to stop. 

I think the jogging definitely helped. My legs feel harder from all the jogging and lunges, and I am actually starting to like the post-workout pain.

Right now, I’m trying to focus on eating healthy and avoiding unnecessary junk. I’m trying to make sure I look healthier by August 20, 2015. That’s the goal date since I read that habits are established by the third month. If things keep progressing, then I might even see thosd abs in a year! I really hope so.

My Workout Routine

My workout routine is quite simple: I lift three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). I have four rest days.

Basically, the Beach Body Workout is an intense resistance circuit training session that focuses on bodyweight lifting. We occasionally lift heavy objects such as car tires but we mostly try to lift our bodies with lunges, chin-ups, pull-ups, etc. The fun thing with Beach Body is I don’t really know what workout we will be doing. My body is consistently surprised since we could be focusing on legs one day then core on another. The workouts vary a lot so all my body knows is it is pushed to work out but it can’t predict what workout will challenge it next. It’s really intense and doubles as cardio too.

Our program generally goes this way:

3 minutes Warm Up (In three mins, do as much of the exercises as possible):

  • Squats 3×10
  • Push-Ups 3×10
  • Lunges 3×0
  • Jumping Jacks 3×10
  • Planks 3×15 second counts

5 Intense Workouts for 3 Circuits 

This part varies every time. Each circuit ends with a 2-minute break. Below is a sample:

  • Chest to bar 3×15
  • Burpees 3×15
  • Deep Sit-Ups 3×15 + 15-count core hold
  • Flutter Kicks 3×15
  • Farmer’s Walk 3×15

On the days I’m in Mindanao, I focus on weight lifting at the gym. I have to be more strict with my modified workout since I have no trainer keeping track of my movements.

Every day, I do 10-minutes of yoga to stretch plus 2 circuits of the 7-minute workout. 

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are lift days. I alternate between two workouts:

Workout A

  • Deadlifts 3×15
  • Bench Press 3×15
  • Squats with Barbells 3×15
  • Pull-Ups (Do as much as I could)
  • Biceps Curl 3×15 each side
  • Side Bends 3×30 (15 on each side)

and if I still have energy, I play with other weights.

Workout B

  • Squats with Barbells 3×15
  • Leg Presses 3×20
  • Lunges 3×30 (15 each side)
  • Spinning 3×100 counts
  • Leg Raises 3×15
  • Dips 3×15
  • Lateral Pulldown 3×15

then play with other machines if I still have energy.
That’s it, basically. More on my diet and calorie cycling on the next post.

Hope you enjoy reading!