eSports Festival 2016

Once again, Cebu is celebrating one of the largest gaming events in the country: the eSports Festival.   

The eSports Festival hosts the largest gaming competitions for online gaming such as DOTA 2 National Championship, The Clash of Clans Tournament – Visayas Leg, and the eSports Festival Cosplay Competition. 

  Organized by the Philippine eSports Organization, the event hopes to encourage the participation of more Filipinos in the eSports community as a legitimate national sport.

Members of the Cebu Blogging Community were invited to a press conference announcing the participation of top Philippine cosplayer, Miss Alodia Gosiengfiao, as a co-sponsor and organizer of the eSports Festival 2016 in Manila. 
As a huge fan of Alodia and of online gaming, we were naturally excited to be part of the press conference. However, due to a slight misunderstanding from the registration booth, a number of bloggers were unable to participate in the press conference. I was sadly among those who didn’t get inside the board room. 

As soon as I registered, I was given a “Media” ID but when I inquired regarding the venue of the press conference, the ladies at the registration directed me to the entrance of the competition venue which was also listed as the Cebu Trade Hall. After minutes of walking around and finding no press conference, we exited the Trade Hall and asked the ladies at the registration booth again. As it turns out, the board room for the Press Conference was closed shut and several members of the media, including the bloggers who were invited (such as us) were denied entrance. 
As such, there’s not much members of the media could write about when we’re not in the press conference itself.

Thanks to a few calls and messages to the CBC leads, we managed to get in…but it’s too late. The press conference is wrapping up and the most we could do is take photos with Alodia and receive press kits with eSports t-shirts.

They did invite us back into the event center where competitors for the DOTA 2 tournament are engaged in an intense fight. In the end, the Quezon City team won against the Cebu team. The Philippine eSports organization then announced their planned introduction of the eSports Festival to several more cities in the country including Manila, with Alodia as co-organizer. 

For the most part, it sucked that we didn’t get into the press conference but we did have front row seats and I managed to sit just a few inches away from Alodia so that helped make up for it.


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