Workout Progress Update: Week 8

Last week culminated my second month of working out.
Would you believe it? 

I actually managed for 2 months!! This may seem weird but that’s the longest commitment I have ever had. I’m an especially lazy person so just managing two months of consistent physical activity is amazing to me.

Of course, the progress between August 15, 2015 and that of July 31, 2015 do not seem like much. I admit I did go through a bit of a slump (motivation-wise) and my sister’s birthday made it difficult to control my calorie intake, but there is still progress even if it’s not major.

As you can see, my arm looks bigger but there’s a definite muscle growth.    
Also, my abs are a bit more defined considering I hardly do core workouts. I usually focus on arms, shoulders, back, and legs so I guess it’s true when they say that “abs are made in the kitchen” and that full body workouts provide more results than simply focusing on one area of the body.

I didn’t even control my abs in these photos! 

Of course, if I get too tired to work out, I only need to remind myself with this photo:   

Needless to say, progress is still progress and I’m glad I’m still moving forward (even if it’s not much) instead of going backwards. I think this may be the start of my getting into a workout plateau, so I might have to switch up my workouts soon.

I hope this post inspires you to work out or, at the least, try to focus on living healthily. It is indeed a wonderful thing to work on improving yourself. I’m not going to say it’s easy, because it frankly isn’t. It’s painful, tiring and difficult but when you keep track of your progress and see improvement, it’s more than enough motivation to keep going and keep improving.

Do it for yourself. Do it because you deserve to feel as healthy as you could be.

Most of all, do it to prove yourself and everybody else wrong. If lazy old me can do it then, yes, you can do it too!


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