How to get pink hair

If you’ve been checking out my Instagram posts, you would have noticed that I dyed my hair pink.

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  I’ve always wanted to have pink hair and now I finally managed to do it. Although the attempt was riddled with anxiety (bleach is a bitch), you don’t have to worry as much as I did. 
In fact, getting your hair to pink doesn’t have to be difficult.
How do you dye your hair pink?

First, go for an attitude shift.
How? By forgoing any fear of getting unnatural hair colors and just go to feeling inspired!
I get my inspiration and motivation through Tasha Leelyn’s video:

Also, I stalk the #pinkhair and #pinkhairdontcare tags on Instagram fairly often. 

The inspiration will definitely leave you feeling more excited to get pink hair and less anxious to dye it.


I cannot emphasize this enough. You have to be fearless enough to go for a bleach.

Yes, it will damage your hair. 

Yes, it will leave your hair feeling dry.

But, yes, you need it so the color pink has to come out. 

No bleach = no pink. 

I would suggest going to a professional for a bleach. I didn’t want to try bleaching at home since I wanted to have my pink hair be perfect AND I don’t want to risk the damage of amateur bleaching. 

I read that to get the perfect white for pastel hair colors, you have to bleach it at least twice. To do that, you need to leave at least a month interval between bleaches so you don’t ruin your hair.

I only bleached my hair once since I didn’t want to spend a month with white-blonde hair. It still had yellow tints, though, so you have to be patient in order to get the second round of bleaches. I’m lucky my hair absorbed the bleach well enough.

The bleach should only be on your hair for an hour, at most. Not more than that so your hair stays safe and healthy. Don’t forget to wash it off with shampoo and conditioner afterwards.
Three, use Virgin Coconut Oil.

To make bleaching easier for you, try using coconut oil and leaving it on the night before you bleach your hair. It’s also better to use coconut oil as hair treatment weeks before the bleach. Use it on your hair before performing the actual bleaching. I found that it made the bleaching process that much more tolerable and less painful.


Four, choose the right hair dye.

I used Arctic Fox in Virgin Pink but I also read several good reviews of Manic Panic. I chose Arctic Fox because it smelled so good and it was what Tasha Leelyn used. Also, it’s vegan and wasn’t tested on animals. 


Five, use white conditioner to dilute the pink dye.

The conditioner has to be white. You can use any conditioner so long as it’s white. 

On a plastic bowl, mix two-thirds white conditioner with one-thirds of the hair dye. If you want it to be lighter, use only a few drops of hair dye. Use too much and it will turn into a reddish pink, use too little and it will be very pale (which fades really fast). I used more dye since my hair still has the yellow tint and I wanted to avoid looking orange.

Six, enlist a friend to help you apply the dye.

Start at the roots then work your way to the ends of your hair. Having a friend to help is much easier since they can deal with the hard to reach areas such as the back of the head.  

Seven, set the color for 30 minutes or more.

This would depend on how dark you want the color to be. Wrap your head with a shower cap to protect your hair. I didn’t have a shower cap so I used a plastic bag (teehee) and helped the color absorb faster by heating my hair with a hair dryer. 

Make sure to always check your hair color so it goes according to how you want it to look like.
Eight, wash it off.

Don’t worry about the color washing off the drain. It won’t affect your hair color. 

Don’t use shampoo or conditioner. Use an old towel to dry your hair, keeping in mind that hair color looks darker when wet and it will lighten up by a shade if it’s dry.

I air-dried mine and, now, it’s looking fantastic!

Have fun playing with colors!!


2 thoughts on “How to get pink hair

    1. You can never tell. 😊 I actually had no idea if pink hair will look great on me but it apparently works! I just know I’ve long since wanted to try it. Also, there’s lots of beautiful colors that you could try too! Have fun!!

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