Get HOOQ’d!

This just in: one of our sponsors for the CBC First Anniversary, HOOQ, just sent us participating bloggers the ultimate freebie – a free one-month subscription to HOOQ! 

If you’re as much of a movie junkie as I am, this is definitely a wonderful perkup. You see, HOOQ is a movie streaming app. It allows users to stream several movies and television shows (along with the option of downloading up to five movies for offline viewing!)

HOOQ served as one of the major sponsors of the CBC First Anniversary celebration last July 4, 2015. As is the case, they didn’t limit our support to our ever-growing blogging community to just giving out wonderful take-home prizes at the actual anniversary event. 

Naturally, as soon as I received my code and followed the instructions for creating then verifying my account, I started streaming the movies I’ve always wanted to watch!

Of course, I don’t want to limit the experience of using HOOQ, so I’ll be sharing how you can also enjoy using the app. 

Here’s how to sign up and watch all those wonderful movies and TV shows:

1. Download and install the app HOOQ on your device. 


2. Fill in your details.


3. Select your payment method. 


Since I was given a voucher code, I had to choose the last option and fill in the voucher code. For those who have voucher codes, it’s important to note that the code is case-sensitive.

4.   Prepare to be HOOQ’d!

Simply validate the email account used to sign up and you can login straight to the app in order to start browsing their long list of available movies & TV shows!  



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