The quest for the 1st ever ChannelFix Goddess

Last Saturday, July 4, 2015, Rufela sent me a message saying I should try to go to a go-see for ChannelFix.

Apparently, ChannelFix is a tournament website and they’re launching the first ever online video beauty pageant. 

Below is a preview of some of the contestants for ChannelFix Goddess:

The video featured the auditiones from June 27. Apparently, the last go-see was on July 4 and Rufela insisted that I go.

I had no plans for it of course. I have scheduled a day at the gym and a date with CBC for the 1st anniversary dinner. I simply couldn’t fit it in.

But Bart, another friend of ours, also sent me a message while I was on break at the gym. He said I had to check out the studio at ChannelFix. Maybe I could learn a thing or two there, plus meet new people. I said sure maybe I would after the gym.

Still, I figured I had to make sure my makeup for the party later is good. So I went straight home to change with no makeup. 

Apparently, Bart insisted I message David – one of the organizers – so I could check out the studio. When I arrived at around 8:30pm, everyone started to assume I was auditioning too. I wanted to say “no, Bart just said I should come and check it out. Not audition.” But before I could fully say no, I ended up having my makeup done in the changing room with a form for registration handed to me. I figured “what the heck. It might be fun.”

And it was fun. 

I was asked to introduce myself and was also asked a few questions like “what was my dream?” (Easy. Travel the world) and “what will you do with the prize money?” (Save it up for a trip around Southeast Asia). I laughed internally when they asked me about my dream guy. If you know me (and I already assume by now that you do), you’d understand why I just can’t take that question seriously. I was even asked a random question just for fun “who wins? A shark or a giraffe?” (Shark, obviously). 

It was all fun! The lady who did my makeup was super nice and pretty. I also enjoyed talking to the crew who also happened to be students from UP (Iskolars represent!).

After the interview, they asked me to take a few poses for the camera which I enjoyed immensely. It was a bit awkward at first but they helped make me feel more relaxed so it was fun!

Overall, I think it was a really great experience. I’m not sure about winning. We can’t ever be sure these days. But, as it is, I really enjoyed the whole experience. At least for a night, I felt what it felt like to be as confident as I could ever be. 

Also, on the chance that I get to be featured (since I’m now officially a contestant), here’s the mechanics for the contest. 


Do you think I have a chance to be the first ever ChannelFix goddess? Your support would be very much appreciated. It will be so much fun! I think it’s just too exciting. 


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