Kuala Lumpur: Travel on a Budget Day 4

*All photos are mine. Please don’t copy or use without my permission

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It’s yet another day in the very beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur! 

To start our day right, my cousin and I bought food from the local food shop in Dorchester Apartments. The food is absolutely cheap! I managed to buy fried kuey teow for only RM 5 with teh tarik at only RM 1.5! 

Food tastes so much better when you don’t spend a fortune on it!

Since it’s a cloudy day out, Kuya and I decided it would be a great time to just rest in for a while. After all, there’s not much to see or do in the rain. Also, we really needed to track our expenses for the past few days and plan for our trip to Singapore. 

So, with the sweater weather keeping us in, we enjoyed our teh tarik and spent the day inside Bob’s apartment.

By 2pm, the weather started to clear up a bit. It was still cloudy but at least the rain stopped. We went out for lunch and I had another cheap dish: Ipoh chicken rice for only RM 5 and, of course, teh tarik for only RM 1.80. 

I absolutely love teh tarik. I don’t know how my days would even be complete without this drink and I wish I could stay in Malaysia longer just so I could keep drinking teh tarik. 

We also decided to take a swim at the pool within Dorchester Apartments. 


Seriously, I’m so glad they have a pool here! I finally got to use my swimsuit! 

I miss swimming! It’s also for free so that doubles my happiness!

After swimming around, we prepped up for our trip to hunt for more skyline views! 


This is 7pm in Malaysia. I just had to take a photo to prove this case to my mom. Haha! In the Philippines, 7pm would be too dark already.
I wanted to show Kuya the view from Marini’s on 57th so we took a taxi to KL Sentral (RM 11.80). What’s difficult about the commute in KL (as far as I know) is the lack of public transportation (other than trains, of course) in KL. If you don’t own/rent a car, you’ll have to go by taxi. 
Since neither of us can drive, we had to deal with spending money on taxi.

Upon arrival at KL Sentral, we took the train to KLCC (RM 1.65) and we’re already feeling very confident commuting around the city by now.

Upon arrival at KLCC, we found out we couldn’t get in to Marini’s because they have a strict “no shorts” policy for men since there’s an event. It was too bad but we didn’t allow it to dishearten us. 


                 We just enjoyed taking more photos around KLCC then went on to find another view of the KL skyline.

Thankfully, my German friend Nadine told me to check out the Heli Lounge Bar right across the Raja Chulan Monorail Station. We checked it out online and prepped ourselves mentally for the possible expenses. According to reviews, the place is very expensive (even by Malaysian standards). My Malaysian friend, Marvin, encouraged me to check it out but, of course, suggested that it’s best as a “one-time experience” because of the expense.

I withdrew money from my ATM then prepped myself mentally (“It’s okay. We’re on vacation. Best to try at least once.”) 

So, off we went. We didn’t take a cab. We just walked from KLCC to the Raja Chulan train station. It’s not really hard to find considering we pass through the same road to Bukit Bentang. It was just a quick walk from Aquaria KLCC but instead of turning left from the area close to Novotel KLCC, we went straight to the walkway to Raja Chulan. It’s very easy to navigate and people speak in English so Menara KH (the tower for the HeliPad Lounge) is easy to find.
Upon arrival, we took an elevator to the 34th floor. 

I guess we prepped ourselves way too much because we expected the worst in everything. We expected to be turned down because my cousin wore a pair of shorts and we also expected the drinks to cost an equivalent of Php 1000 each.  
Fortunately, it seemed a lot of tourists have worn shorts to the building and the bar provides a pair of jeans guests could wear so they don’t have to leave. 
And, yes, we thankfully still got in. Also, the beer only cost around RM 25 so YAAAAAY!

It would be a shame going all the way to the 34th floor only to be told you can’t come in (though we also prepared ourselves for the potential rejection). 

So, up we went to the 35th floor via the backdoor stairway. 

Once we got to the actual helipad lounge, I almost fainted (mentally, of course) due to vertigo.

 Seriously, the view is absolutely stunning.


  We ordered another beer (RM 21.20 for Tiger Beer) and ordered a burger (RM 15 each for a total of RM 30). 

   We then allowed ourselves to be awestruck by the view.

Seriously, it’s amazing.

No photo could do it justice. 

I think it’s much better to visit the place at around 5:30pm. That way, you get to stay and check out the sunset. Also, magic hour makes for amazing photos. It still looks great at night but, damn, I’m sure it’s amazing at sunset.

Beautiful! Thanks for suggesting this place @nad_adri!! 😍

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After that, we went back to the 34th floor and chatted up one of the nice waiters. He was especially friendly. 

We then walked back to KLCC and took a taxi straight to Dorchester Apartments in Sri Hartamas since the train stations are already closed. The taxi cost us RM 22 total but it’s ok. It was worth it.


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