Kuala Lumpur: Travel on a Budget Day 3

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Our day started with a really sweet letter from Bob.


My cousin and I joked that things turn out so well if we don’t plan but whenever we plan, things might not turn out so well. 

That’s how things turned out (so far). We paid RM 13.5 for a taxi to KL Sentral from Sri Hartamas but we couldn’t purchase the 11am or 12noon bus ticket to Genting since it’s already full. 

The only bus ride available is at 1:30pm but since it’s a three-hour ride and I have an appointment at 9pm, we have to take the 6pm bus ride back from Genting to KL Sentral.   So, in order to save money and time, we agreed to share a taxi with two other people so that we only need to pay RM 22.5 each. The bus ticket from Genting to KL Sentral cost us RM 10.70 (this included the skyway).

Still, we got to Genting and we got so excited to try the skyway!

We paid RM 6.40 for the skyway but it was well worth it!   

Tell me that shit ain't scary!

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Despite the screaming and the giggling (I realized laughing is my immediate response to fear), we managed to arrive okay and took the time to take photos upon arrival.


We then walked straight to First World Hotel and Plaza where we took a free bus to the Chin Swee temple.  






Ok, this definitely makes me feel more inferior

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We then took the free shuttle back to First World Hotel. 

The view there is good for taking photos but everything else is just plain expensive. 


This plate cost us RM 7 while a cup of Teh Tarih cost RM 5.05. My cousin ordered a plate of chicken rice which cost RM 12.5.

#vertigo with @leeleepot1813 😰😫😭

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On the way back to Kuala Lumpur, we realized that the trip took only around two hours and not three. If there’s no traffic, then it would take only an hour and a half. Apparently, the taxi driver just said what he did earlier so he could have us ride his taxi for RM 22. It broke our hearts a bit but we looked at the positive side. After all, we still managed to enjoy such beautiful views. It was well worth the expense! Of course, if you backpack to KL, it’s still nice to know these things before jumping the gun and just going (although that is still fun. Expensive but fun).

The bus dropped us at KL Sentral Bus terminal which is just a floor lower from the train stations. Kuya and I decided to shop around the KL Sentral mall. This is where I learned another lesson while traveling: (1) ALWAYS make sure the powerbank is full and (2) know all about the power outlets in the country you are visiting.

This turned out to be a very expensive lesson for my cousin and I as our phone batteries are drained from the trip to Genting. We checked around for charging outlets in the mall but, as it turns out, the outlets use the three-point plugs. Our chargers don’t have three-point adapters and we can’t just plug anywhere. Also, we were getting very hungry. Som to charge our phones while we were eating, I decided to purchase an adapter from the electronic store in the mall. I almost cried when I realized the cost of the adapter amounted to RM 20! That’s much more expensive than a full meal! 

Still, we managed to charge our phones (even for a little bit) and I purchased the least expensive fast food at the moment – a McDonald’s chicken burger for only RM 4 – in order to compensate for the charger expense.

After the very quick and frugal dinner, I went straight to KLCC by train (RM 1.65) since I’ll be meeting up with another couchsurfer at Marini’s. I honestly had no idea where Marini’s is, so I figured I’d ask around. As it turns out, Marini’s is a bar on the 57th floor of the KLCC Towers! The surprises in this adventure just keep getting better and better!

Of course, I felt bad that I didn’t wear anything appropriate for the venue. I looked absolutely stressed from the Genting trip, but the view definitely made up for it.

Of course, what does it matter what I wear anyway? i was on the 57th floor of one of the most iconic buildings in Southeast Asia!

Needless to say, it was definitely a great day.


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