Yet another fancy dress party

It’s a Sunday. I’ve resigned myself to sleeping in, finishing up a few books, and prepping for the 3pm session of capoeira I intended to join. 

Those plans changed. 

My sister’s friend, Matet, suddenly asked me, out of the blue, if I wanted to go with her to the fancy dress party that is their college’s acquaintance party. She’s studying under the JD program of the USC College of Law and she has 1 extra ticket.

We’re not the closest of friends. That role went to my sister and her group of friends. Naturally, I suggested other options. Why not ask my sister? How about your other two friends?

She responded that neither one of them is available. I’m the only one available option and she didn’t want to go alone. So, before I could really think about it, I found myself being wrapped along the fury of madness that is makeup and hair styling.

👸🏻 Hair & makeup by @frenzziehd #WLYG

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We arrived at the Grand Convention Center in Lahug at around 7pm. The party has already started and Matet was eager to get in…until the lady at the counter told us that the tickets for outside guests are different and it would cost another Php 1000. 

I’m not paying that much for a ticket to an event for a school I don’t even go to. 

Matet won’t go inside unless I get in too. I’m not particularly worried. It’s not my party. It’s hers. I don’t want her to miss it on my account. 

So I tried to calm her down by taking more photos of her and, of course, asking someone to take photos of us. If we couldn’t go in, then at least we have fabulous photos.


Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream #WLYG

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I was also waiting around for the concierge to change. That way, the earlier mistake of introducing me as a guest could be changed. It’s much easier to talk to someone newer too. Hey, if anyone’s going to crash a party, might as well do it properly and do it well. 

The new guy asked us if I’m a student. I said yes, but I lost my ticket. He asked if I knew anyone inside who could vouch for my identity, Matet’s friend comes out and says “yes, she’s our classmate” then pointed to my name “Maerian” on the guest list.

Boom. Signed and stamped. I get in and Matet doesn’t have to feel bad anymore. Seriously, the poor girl is nervous. It took two plates of food and two bottles of beer to calm her nerves. Lucky girl, she’s so thin she doesn’t have to worry about eating too much.

She took photos with her friends and classmates. I made sure to capture some shots because that’s what plus ones do. 


We stayed during the whole program. People wore fancy dresses/gowns/suits and beautiful makeup sure, but the event primarily focused on honoring the college’s new attorneys. This is to inspire the law students to work harder so they too could become lawyers someday.

The program is also a bit short. It took only an hour and everyone started to leave. As it turns out, people were excited to go to the after-party which is at The Roof – the new club close to Sarrosa Hotel. 

Before we left the convention center, we took the time to take a few more photos because, well, why not?


Then we proceeded to the after-party. I’d have to say that’s the best part of the night. Too bad I can’t post more photos because it’s too dark.


Overall, it was a good night. The convention was a bit too formal & structured, but the after-party was absolute fun. Also, we got to dress up, have fun, enjoy the food, enjoy the music and generally feel like superstars (in our own way). 

Yep, it was definitely a good night. 

 Name-day celebration!

It’s my 24th name-day & to celebrate it, we had a cook off at my place on June 18th so we could greet the midnight together. It’s just a small get-together but, as it turns out, no event is too small if it’s with the best people a girl could have on her birthday.








We continued the celebration on the 19th! I actually wore a dress cause, you know, it’s my day. 

 We were supposed to eat at somewhere fancy but we ended up at Captain A’s for a special boodle fight dinner. If you don’t know what a boodle fight is, it’s a uniquely Filipino dining experience where food is laid on a banana leaf and people try to eat as much as possible with their hands. It’s a “fight” cause people will be competing with each other over the food to be eaten. It’s a beautiful mess, really.









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