Kuala Lumpur: Travel on a Budget Day 2

*All photos are mine. Please don’t copy or use without my permission

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Early in the morning, my cousin and I prepared for a trip to Batu Caves – one of the most suggested areas to be visited close to KL. Bob, our host, offered to take us there since traffic in KL on Sunday’s is smooth. 

After bathing and a quick snack, we set off to Batu Caves. Interestingly, since it’s a place for worship, tourists and devotees are allowed free entrance. The only thing visitors have to pay for is the parking fee (if they go by car) which costs around RM 10. 

We first had breakfast at a Hindu restaurant where my host suggested we try the roti. I’m actually not quite sure what I ate, I just knew I liked it! Hahaha!

As an extension of Malaysian hospitality, Bob offered to pay for our breakfast. We were embarrassed about it but he insisted that he pay for our meals. 

After that, we took some photos from the entrance up to the top of the caves. 


There’s around 300 steps on the stairs up to the cave but it’s okay since it’s a fun walk. 

Also, watch out for the monkeys. 

They’re mostly harmless but it’s better to make sure your valuables are safe with you.  

We also bought some key chains for only RM 12. We then took several photos before heading off to Kepong to have lunch at a Chinese diner. Once again, Bob offered to pay for our meal although we offered to pay too. We’re honestly very fortunate Bob is so generous and hospitable. We wouldn’t be able to visit all these wonderful places if not for him.

After that, we went straight to the KLC Art Gallery. The entrance to the museum is RM 5 and since we’re a couple of cheapskates, we settled for photos near the entrance.


We then went around and abused our phone cameras by taking several street photographs.


After that, Bob left us to browse around Chinatown. I bought a pair of new shoes for only RM 79.

We then met a lovely Filipina who offered to take us around KLCC. We took the LRT from Pasar Seni to KLCC for only RM 1.25.


 Upon arrival, we took several photos of the Petronas Towers. 

We bought dinner from the KLCC supermarket. Mine totaled only RM 5 for the Nasi lemak and RM 2.5 for the vanilla coke. While having dinner, she suggested we go to Genting which is only 3 hours away from KL Sentral.

By 7pm, we met up with another backpacker – Azim – who offered to tour us around Bukit Bintang. It’s just a few minutes walk from KLCC and we didn’t want to spend so much money so we went right ahead and walked past several malls to get to Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang.

We tested for a while and charged up our phones before we headed off to explore the streets.       

Azim treated us to teh terak then we went around to explore. We didn’t spend much since we didn’t have money but we did have dinner in a Chinese shop. Beers and alcohol are expensive (ranging RM 15-20) so we skipped that and went right ahead to eating.

We only had to spend RM 8 for the Nasi Lemak and for the diet coke.

We also bought some souvenir shirts and managed a bargain: 5 shirts for only RM 61!

By 1AM, we decided to call it a night. We took a taxi to Sri Hartamas and ended up paying RM 11.25 each. 
All in all, I think it was fairly cheap. We got too tired, fortunately Bob left us with keys to his apartment and we got in okay.
Now, off to sleep for another great adventure.


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