Revealing truths

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It amazes me how one impulsive action could lead to the opening of so many doors, most of them to the revelation of the truth.

By some stroke of blind impulsiveness and a touch of flaming rage, I gathered my courage to visit the Directress of the Master’s department in UP Cebu to complain and explain my side of the story.
I ignored the bubbling fear of ostracization and victim blaming and gathered all my composure to properly explain what happened. The Directress explained that the Dean of the department has long held doubts regarding the professional ethics of the said professor. Hearsays have been reported but no actual complaint. As it turns out, I was the first to complain and the first to provide explicit proof. 
She also explained that the said professor has taken a week-long leave from work and that the university provides a budget of Php 25,000 for every paper presentation at a conference. The paper, as it turns out, was named after the said professor when he requested for funding and he made sure to secure that funding by submitting the abstract to MELTA. Rumors have abound that he has done this to students before as he asks them to gather data, he organizes the paper, asks them to present it then he gets the credit and the funding. 
The Directress thanked me for my complaint because now they have grounds to question him for his actions. She assured me that me and my partner need not fear because the program will protect us and we have helped preserve the integrity of the program by actually complaining and submitting the evidence of his unethical behavior. 
All I could do is breathe a sigh of relief at finally being able to say what I needed to say to the person in authority who could best act on it.
I have to admit, I felt as liberated and as bold as a fierce lioness when I made my complaint. It’s like a giant thorn has been plucked from my back and now I can sit back and enjoy the feeling of standing up for what I believed is right. 
I can go right ahead and rest now. 
Fuck you and your corrupt ways, Sir A. 
I’m gonna rest like a bear now.


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