On our way to Bantayan…again!

*All photos are mine. Please don’t copy or use without my permission

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Last week, my good friend Sheila asked me to join her on a trip to the beach. She’s been feeling unwell and we all agreed that she needed a dose of Vitamin Sea! So, off we planned a trip to Bantayan island because, why not?

So, after a few hours of drinking just to keep ourselves awake from Friday night to the dawn of Saturday (4AM!).

We planned to meet up at 3:30 in Krispy Kreme IT Park Lahug. Naturally, we had to go early cause we agreed that anyone who’s arrived late should buy a box of donuts for everyone! Competitive as we are, we made sure we’ll get there in time.

From IT Park, we took a taxi to North Bus Terminal. We rode the non-airconditioned bus to Hagnaya for only Php 132 and traveled for approximately 3-4 hours. I don’t have a lot of photos of the bus ride to Hagnaya since I spent most of the ride asleep! Gomenasai~!!!

Upon arriving at Hagnaya Pier, we took a ferry to Bantayan Island for only Php 170. Terminal fee cost only Php 10 and the ferry ride only took an hour to get to the island. We left Hagnayan port at 8:21 AM then arrived at 9:35 AM.

photo by Patrick Lim

Aaaaand…. We just arrived in Bantayan!!

photo by Sheree Tampus

We paid Php 20 for the tricycle from the port to the town. We intend to go around and find some cheap stuff to eat for breakfast.

We ate at a really cheap eatery near the town market. My bill only totaled Php 105 for a meal of scrambled egg, rice, tocino, poached egg and mineral water. It’s actually quite good for it’s price.

After the meal, we walked to the beach strip right across Yooniik beach resort.

photo by Patrick Lim

photo by Sheree Tampus

Here we took the chance to tan up and swim through the cold, blue waters.  

photo by Sheree Tampus

photo by Sheree Tampus

photo by Sheree Tampus
photo by Sheree Tampus

photo by Sheree Tampus

Photo by Gel Alman
We then set up our tents right across the beach.

Photo by Sheila Gimutao
The locals informed us that bonfires on the beach are now considered illegal since it chars up the white sand and so many tourists trash up the place whenever bonfires are made, so we opt not to have any (though it would have been so cool).

Fortunately, there’s still a lot of fun going around in the small town.

First, we had drinks at the bars in the poblacion. Blue Ice was crowded so we had crazy karaoke & drinks at the restobar across it. Of course, we dropped by Blue Ice to dance for 3 songs then left the astounded diners and the live band performers.

We found out there’s a baylehan in a barangay. The tricycle driver who brought us there said it’s a charity event and all the local residents of the said barangay participate. A bayle is the older form of dance parties in the Philippines. Basically, a barangay hosts a dance party in the barangay plaza and everyone dances on the condition that each song to be played requires a payment of at least Php 5 (yes, just 5 or less). So, a song plays, people dance and pay, song ends, people wait for the next song then repeat the cycle. It’s like a child’s game of statue dance and makes it really really fun.

We had so much fun we actually ended up going back to our ‘million star hotel’ (our tents) at 1am!

Before we knew it, we dozed off with high hopes for the fun we’ll have for the next day. 


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