Getting Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines without Income Tax Return

Saving this since I intend to visit Japan soon!!

I Travel Rox

After my Hong Kong trip last October 2014, I found a cheap flight to Japan and booked a flight right away. I wasn’t even sure if I could get a visa but I was really hopeful. This was part of my Plan B if Plan A was a failure. No, I don’t want to tell what Plan A was.

japan visa

I booked a flight for May 2015 trip in Tokyo, Japan and told myself I still have the chance to save money. Did some research on where to go and what requirements do I need to prepare.

March 2015 came and I was really nervous. A lot of people telling me that the Embassy of Japan is not really that strict anymore as they are inviting a lot of tourists for the upcoming Olympics in 2020. Still I need to gather documents just to get the visa.

I applied for a…

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