A Day In San Remigio

*Very Late Post (March 7, 2015)

*All photos are mine. Please don’t copy or use without my permission
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Last week, I joined a group of awesome volunteers on a feeding program for the children of Dapdap, San Remigio. 

Before we went straight to feeding the children, we had an early headstart by attending a short seminar on how to properly interact with the children and the parents for the feeding.

On the day of the volunteer event, we all met up at Jollibee so we could all ride the bus to San Remigio together. 

I’ve been to a few events with Volunteer in Cebu and it’s always nice to see familiar faces and meet new volunteers every time.

We caught up and chatted up but spent most of the trip to San Remigio asleep. After all, we did meet up at 4am and most of us decided it was best to catch up on some zzz’s before we go ahead and cook for the kids.

When we finally arrived at Dapdap Elementary. We wasted no time in organizing the ingredients and materials for the food. This time, we’re more organized and people are divided into teams. I got assigned to the chicken section and learned to chop like a pro (or at least, pretended to know how to chop like a pro 😜).

As soon as the chopping and the dicing is done, we set off to entertain the kids with book readings, games, and songs. 



The kids were so lovely and cooperative that we all managed to have fun together.

I’m actually proud to say my team won in charades! 



After a few minutes of learning new songs and playing games, the food is ready and everyone is lining up to get their lunch.

The rest of the volunteer team waited for everyone to get their fill of arroz caldo, then proceeded to have lunch the “budol fight” way.


What’s the “budol fight” you ask? It’s only the coolest way to eat lunch Filipino style!

Food is laid out on a table laden with banana leaves. Everything is eaten by hand and everyone “competes” to get their hands on some good food.

It's been a tiring day but this definitely made up for it πŸ˜€ #lookma #noutensils! #boodlefight #032igers

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The best part is the fun of competing with several others for a taste of good food.    

After the volunteer work is done and everyone has had their fill, we all agreed to go out to have fun at the beach. 





#GoPro #GoProTravel #032igers

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The beach is definitely the best way to chill out after a tiring day with the kids.

Afternoon delights #GoPro #GoProTravel #032igers

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Checking out an intense game of volleyball #GoPro #GoProTravel

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We had the beach all to ourselves! Life's best pleasures are usually the cheapest 😊

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#ownthebeach #032igers

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#ownthebeach #redhairdontcare #GoPro #GoProTravel

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After all that, we all decided to make a short video on the bus because…why the hell not?



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