Review: Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations

Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations
Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations by Simon Rich
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I initially found out about Simon Rich on WordPress. I was browsing through the tag ‘books’ and found a post on an interview with him. I figured, “well, the guy’s from SNL. Let’s see if his books are as funny as the skits on the show.”
I started with The Last Girlfriend on Earth and enjoyed it immensely. The excitement from reading my first Simon Rich book led to my reading another one of his works.
The Ant Farm is a collection of short humorous stories about “desperate situations” – most which are embarrassing accounts of day-to-day living while some are tongue-in-cheek sarcastic “answers” to questions llike “what do ants think about in their ant farm?” or “do time travelers exist?”
I find that most of the short stories are funny in a “you don’t need to think about it too much, just laugh (or giggle, or snort, whichever suits you)” kind of way. The book is short and each short story is only about a page long. They’re mostly just bits and pieces of random quirkiness and most of them are written in “chat” form, similar to the chat format in Tumblr.
Although I’m slightly peeved by the “shortness” and the apparent laziness in typing out the stories, I still find it entertaining enough to really laugh and really giggle at the stories. They’re on-point with some having cynical, self-deprecating characters while others having larger-than-life characters. Most of the stories are just really random and I love them for being so. Honestly, though, I’m quite easily pleased and I laugh at even the simplest jokes so I can’t totally assure that you’d find this half as entertaining as I did.
What I do know is, if you’re at all curious or at least slightly interested in the book, then you might just as well read it. It might be funny or it might not, you’ll still be given the assurance that if it’s a horrendously written book with even lamer jokes, you could finish the book early since it’s only 110 pages long/short (see! Lazy writing! LOL). It’s not the funniest book I’ve read and we can only hope you and your planet will find it just so. Or, if not, you’re still at liberty to cuss and fume around for believing in a review by a total stranger who may or may not have the same literaru tastes as you do.

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