Cebu Blogging Community Ultimate Meetup

*All photos are mine. Please don’t copy or use without my permission

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Humans are social creatures. Like wolves, we will always feel the need to be a part of a pack – a pack that caters to our needs and interests. A pack where we truly could feel that we belong.

As a blogger who doesn’t know a lot about blogging, except to occasionally write some posts on a wordpress blog, I’ve always thought of myself as a lone wolf. I simply write and try to figure things out on my own. Still, there will be moments when I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and I kinda wish I knew more. Being the not-so-techy geek that I am, the whole idea of writing posts then dealing with website design, syndication, marketing plus all those other things seem overwhelming. I just relied mainly on the idea that no one reads the stuff I write anyway so I don’t have to worry about all that. 

That is, until I check my notifications and notice an increase in “likes” and traffic. Not that it’s a lot, but it’s definitely waaaaay more than just 5 followers. 

So, stuck in a rut as I usually am, I ended up joining a community of bloggers in Cebu (with hardly any idea what I’m doing, honestly) and tried to wade in the sea of community blogging. I thought it would be hard, awkward even, since I barely knew anyone. Scratch that, I really didn’t know anyone other than the ones who post events (and even then the interaction is mechanical and on-point).

But an event came up – The CBC Ultimate Meet Up! Basically, the members of the Cebu Blogging Community have all gathered together for the first time in what would be the first of many events to come. What’s even more awesome is the fact that Diamond Suites and Residences was kind enough to host the event. That includes awesome perks like getting a taste or two (or more) of their delicious pasta, indulging in a bit of alcohol, and swimming in their hotel pool! Of course, I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Basically, the CBC Ultimate Meet Up is a way for fellow bloggers to connect with each other, reorient ourselves on the rules and responsibilities of blogging, help each other with tips to becoming s more effective blogger and, of course, connect and reconnect with old and new friends.

I wasn’t able to go to the event at 1pm due to a previous appointment but still decided to catch up by 5pm. I’ve heard they gave out a lot of prizes and giveaways care of the awesome sponsors: Flawless Face and Body Clinic, Cenu Teambuilding Services, Philippine Information Agency, and Cebu Domain (not necessarily in that order). It was such a huge shame because the good parts such as the discussions on social responsibility were held earlier, but a girl can’t be in two places at the same time. It was a really huge shame though.

Fortunately, I still made it to the dinner and the pool party. 

 Being a singularly awkward newbie that I am, I was honestly worried that I’m only singling myself out to awkward territory because I can’t talk to anyone since I hardly know anyone. Fortunately, that all changed. 

Almost everyone on the pool grounds and dining area of the Diamond Suites hotel was kind and accommodating. The acoustic singer played all the songs requested of him (including my favorite Beatles song: Blackbird – complete with bird whistles and hums!). The servers were prompt and they smiled a lot. Even the chefs who tended to the food were very accommodating. One guy even showed off his masterful cooking skills by blazing fire on the skillet then performed tricks whilst cooking.



The best part wasn’t the cooking though. 

The best part was in meeting all of these wonderfully awesome bloggers all in one place. Some of them were quite intimidating because they have domains and active websites that are relatively well-known in the local blogging community. 


I’m just a wee old writer who has a wordpress account. But they were funny and nice and friendly.



They saw me as new and they welcomed me right into their group. All that talk about awkwardness and social anxiety flew out the window.


I finally found a pack and I’m so glad they made me feel like I belonged.



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