#SarapngFirst with the #PerfectCoke

I was invited to the recent #SarapngFirst taste of the #PerfectCoke event hosted by Coca Cola Philippines at Ayala Terraces.

So, what does it mean to taste the perfect coke? Well, that’s what Coca-Cola made sure of when they gathered the residents of Cebu at Ayala Terraces so that each and every Cebuano could get a chance to drink the country’s favorite soda like they’re drinking it for the first time.

Naturally, to build up the suspense and to attract more people to the event, the Coca-Cola team made sure to bring two of the most popular young celebrities in the Philippines to the queen city of the south!

Teenagers and adults alike cheered their loudest when the teen star of Be Careful With My Heart fame, Janella Salvador, came out to greet the Cebuanos.

The cheers came out much louder when they all heard her sing a rendition of Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson.

Of course, Coca-Cola made sure the Cebuanos are in for a treat because, after Janella performed, out came the dashingly charming good looks of Joseph Marco!

Joseph then went along to captivate the audience with a song by Bruno Mars. He even went around the terraces singing and greeting the fans as he passed by.


Of course, the celebrities aren’t out to outdo the real star of the event: Coca-Cola itself. So, after a few minutes of getting the Cebuanos at the event all hyped up, Joseph and Janella got everyone else ready for the countdown. Wait, what? What countdown, you ask?

Why, the countdown to drinking the new and improved best tasting Coca-Cola, of course!

Several buckets of ice were prepared to chill the large amounts of free coca-cola to be distributed at the event. After all, everyone deserves to taste the perfect coke and see why drinking it is like drinking Coke for the very first time.
Everyone waited for the temperature to drop to 3 degrees Celsius.
Why this low temperature?
Because the #perfectcoke has to be perfectly chilled so that each sip is like drinking the soda for the very first time. As such, it’s no wonder that one long sip of the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola, one can exclaim the awesome tagline “#SarapngFirst” because, well, it pretty much is.

As soon as the temperature dropped, nothing stopped the Cebuanos from taking their fill of the perfect tasting coke. The crazy exciting distribution of the #perfectcoke has commenced!!

Even Joseph and Janella participated in the distribution of the perfect coke!

It’s not hard to see why everyone else is so thrilled to finally taste the perfect Coca-Cola.

As a bonus, Coca-Cola has announced that they will make sure that each and every Filipino, from each corner of the Philippines, could finally get a chance to taste and see why the perfect coke tastes like you’re drinking it for the first time.

To do this, there will be several Coke Happy Cycles – coke coolers on wheels – which will be going out to different areas in the country. To make the most out of the perfect coke experience, Coca-Cola has introduced a fun way to interact with coke lovers from around the country, so that each city could be visited by their very own Coke Happy Cycles.

All that one has to do to get a visit is to simply:
1. Tweet to @CocaColaPH;
2. Explain why the Happy Cycles need to visit your city; and
3. Tweet using the hashtags #PerfectCoke and #SarapngFirst.

The more people from that locality request for Coke Happy Cycles, the higher the chances of having more Happy Cycles visit your city or municipality!

Almost every Filipino loves the taste of Coca-Cola, how much more if they taste the maxed out goodness of the perfect coke? Why, every Filipino should just go right around and taste it because, after all, we deserve it. So, go ahead, indulge!


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