Relationships, Simplified!

I’m reblogging this because I think it’s hella funny and perfect for this month. Thanks for this lovely post

Nimish Tanna

With an average of little above 2 romantic encounters a year, I would certainly put myself right up in the competitive list. The average for Indian men being in fraction, there is certainly no scope for second guessing.

However, in spite of being better than most, I am terrible at evaluating my own emotions and situations. If someone came to me seeking advice on their love life, the chances are high that they would not regret approaching me. On the contrary, when I seek one for myself, wisdom jumps out of the window (and dies too). It surprises me, and how!

How is it even remotely possible that experts can dramatically falter in their own domains? A domain expertise is not achieved by some one-year full-time course at some university. It is not obtained by hours of exertion. It is gained by years of schlep. The route is full of…

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