Pink/Wine Red

Just bleached my hair. Now, on to the pink!

My scalp has been suffering through the pain of the bleach. There’s an unbearable sting that I have to keep trying to ignore by watching youtube videos. The videos didn’t help much since the pain is there.

I managed a huge sigh of relief when the bleaching was done, but the pain came back when the hair dye was finally used.

I had to keep reminding myself to breathe because darnit the pain is bad. I kept thinking “damn, getting a tattoo is easier than this!” or “why did I intentionally go through this pain? I’m not a masochist!”

Finally, it was time to wash off the chemicals and get to drying my hair. I still felt the after-sting but, damn, the water felt so good!

When my hair was dried up, I finally looked up to check my new look and, voila!

It doesn’t even look at all!

But I still like it. I went through so much pain for this and I look like Ariel! So, yeah, it may not be as pink as I’d like, but I’m much closer to becoming a mermaid.

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