Pink hair

Since I was so annoyed from the feels of this week’s drama,


I finally decided to do something reckless…something I’ve always wanted to do since last year.

I’ll be coloring my hair pink.

Why pink?

Pink is my favorite color and I’ve always wanted to try it since I saw Dara’s lovely pink locks in their I LOVE You MV.

But I won’t be going for Magenta pink. My hairstyle inspiration is this other shade of pink:

In fact, I Charlotte Free is my ultimate pink girl inspiration.

She’s so lovely!


Unfortunately, the salon I’m having my hair colored doesn’t have the light pink color Jennie and I are going for. So I’d have a more magenta-ish look.

And I don’t really mind, really, because the hairstylist says that as soon as the color fades, it will look kinda like this:


And I don’t really care if it’s light pink, bright pink, magenta, or hot pink. It’s pink!

I want pink hair and I am so excited. In fact, I’m a bit scared, so I’m not going to expect too much about the hair shade.

I just know that after this is done, I’ll need a treatment ASAP since my hair is gonna suffer from all that bleaching and coloring.

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