Loving yourself


I’ve frequently joked about narcissism with my friends and family. I didn’t really think too much about it because, after all, what’s wrong with loving yourself and being confident about what you could do?

Recently I’ve had an argument with someone and I, unfortunately, projected all my fears of relationships and commitment in that argument. Things didn’t really turn out nicely and I’m not sure how it would ever be resolved.

I’m a pacifist and I don’t feel comfortable about getting into fights with people.

Sometimes, though, you also have to know where you stand and you have to stand up for what you believe in. Arguments are inevitable but, at least, in the future, you know you could always stand up for your principles.

I’m writing about this because I feel it is important for people to realize their self worth.

Narcissism is an extreme way to look at it but, on a basic level, I think it is just as important for each and everyone of us to love ourselves first before we commit our feelings to others.

If you can’t love yourself, then how can you expect others to love you?

If you can’t respect yourself, how are you going to be able to properly establish your boundaries and protect yourself from being taken advantage of?

Often, too many people are willing to let go of their self-love or – at the least – dignity for a chance at happiness or love.

Although that’s noble, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have enough love left for anyone or for yourself when all the love you’ve given is thrown away.

This reminds me of the quote from Perks of being a wallflower:

If you learn to love yourself more, you start believing that you deserve a much more beautiful, inspiring, happier, and more dedicated form of love.

You learn to look at yourself and think, “I deserve better than this.”

You will no longer allow anyone else to push you down, hurt you, or make you feel bad about yourself.

Because it took all of the love you could muster to learn to love yourself, including all of your faults, and it wouldn’t be fair to you and to everyone else who loves you if you allow yourself to be used, hurt, and manipulated by someone whom you know doesn’t deserve you.

You know you deserve better. I deserve better. We all do.

Love yourself.

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