Bitchy Resting Face

This is exactly the reason why I have to make more effort to reach out to people and be more enthusiastic about the things I want to do.

A lot of my friends have admitted that they initially thought it difficult to approach me because I looked like a bitch.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling bitchy myself, I think, if people think “That girl’s a mean bitch”, well, honey, you have no idea.

Most times though, I just have to exert a bit more effort to be friendly because I look really bitchy. I have had occasion before when I was bullied because I look like I want to pick up a fight or I had bad rumors spread about me because I look like a mean bitch.

I mean, sure, I have bitchy moments too but, most of the time, I am friendly and outgoing. Nothing’s wrong with my day. I just look like a bitch.

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