Oslob Adventure Part 3 – Tumalog Falls


By 1pm, we decided it’s time to have lunch so we decided to head back. The boat ride back to Oslob was exciting! The waves were really strong and the sea was really clear. Water kept splashing against us at the sides. It was like taking a quick shower after the sandy trip from Sumilon.

When we finally arrived at MB’s resort, we were told by the man at the counter that we could wash up and have lunch at Tumalog Falls. After all, he said, there’s a car already ready to take us there and we only need to pay Php 140 each. I told him we’re on a budget so we might not be able to afford expensive resort prices. He assured us that there are meals there that only cost Php 25.

We figured that our bodies are already so beat up at the whale shark diving and from swimming at the island, that we couldn’t have enough energy to trek Tumalog Falls on our own. So we agreed to have the driver take us to the falls. It actually turned out to be a good decision, because we couldn’t possibly walk from MB’s to Tumalog Falls! It’s about a 30-minute ride by car with lots of turns!

When we finally arrived, we were famished. Fortunately, the guy from MB’s was right. The meals near the falls were really cheap.
Fried fish – Php 25
Coke – Php 10
Half-cup of rice – Php 5

The lady was also really nice. She told us all about Tumalog Falls and how there are several waterfalls near Oslob. The only problem there was the cellular signal, since we’re so high up, we couldn’t send or receive any messages or calls. The driver was kind enough to offer that we could leave our stuff in his car so that all we need to bring to the waterfalls are our cameras and our phones.

The trip to the waterfalls involves a 10-minute trek down the side of the mountain. A few meters down and we could already see the waterfalls in all of its wondrous elegance.

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When we finally reached the bottom, we were folding our arms together and holding on to each other because the place was really cold. Literally just being near the place, we could feel the freezing cold of the water. The water was rushing in and it felt like this must be how strong the torrents of rain are whenever there’s a typhoon. The whole area was freezing cold, even our cameras fogged out. We have to consistently wipe them. We only wore our monokinis, so you can imagine how cold the whole experience was!

We decided to take a few photos then figured, well, we’re already here. Might as well just go and swim!


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So swim we did! We waded into the really, really cold water and felt the comfortable hum of the waterfall whenever we tried to float. It was therapeutic, in a way. The water was loud and powerful on the surface, but whenever I stuck my head underwater, all I feel is a great sense of calm and the water feels more like a hum.

We braved the waters and decided to swim closer to the edge of the waterfall. I wanted to try the pose where a samurai sits under a waterfall and meditates, so I climbed up and tried to sit on a rock under the waterfall.



It was amazing! I felt like the water was giving me some sort of noisy massage and it felt so good. One has to be very careful though because it can get slippery. Jimma and Myra tried several poses under the waterfall but, by this time, my GoPro’s memory ran out. It’s such a shame because by now there were so many interesting angles we wanted to capture!

We just continued swimming and having fun. The water was so cold and so fresh that it felt like a relief after having all those sands under our feet. It’s so nice to just swim in fresh water after going to the beach.

After that, we decided to head back to MB’s beach resort so we could really clean up. While waiting for the others to finish their showers, we had a cup of hot chocolate for only Php 25 each. It felt so good and so calming. We relaxed for a while because, by now, our bodies were aching and we were eager to get the salty feeling off of our bodies. After a few minutes of rest (or maybe it was an hour), we finally decided to go back to the city.

We had to wait outside the resort for a bus to pass through because there’s no terminal nearby. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long because a bus passed by in a few minutes which was, also, fortunately, not too crowded. We each took a seat, paid our fare of Php 155, then finally took the four-hour trip back to the city as an opportunity to get that much-deserved rest.

Total expenses:
PHP 20 – mineral water bottle
PHP 50 – Mexican wrap
PHP 155 – Bus trip to Oslob
PHP 60 – payment for the snacks Myra bought the night before
PHP 100 – entrance fee
PHP 100 – cottage
PHP 20 – coffee
PHP 500 – swimming with whale sharks
PHP 325 – Sumilon
PHP 20 – bottle of coke for Sumilon
PHP 20 – snacks for Sumilon
PHP 140 – car ride to Tumalog Falls
PHP 40 – Lunch
PHP 50 – 2 cups hot chocolate
PHP 155 – bus ride back home
TOTAL: PHP 1755!!

I still had enough money left from our trip back home!

It was so much fun and we didn’t even exceed our budget! We’re definitely going back! 



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