Cebu to Bacolod – Ceres Bus Schedule (as of 01/28/2015)

Since I’m planning on visiting Negros soon, this is a very helpful post. Thank you!

The Awkward Traveler

Bacolod or Negros Occidental is a very convenient destination when one needs to go on a side trip after spending time in Cebu. In addition, many Negrenses are working in Cebu.

I know many people now prefer taking the plane from Cebu to Bacolod or vice versa. But I know there are still some who prefer the bus.

I for one usually take the bus when going home. I’m based in Negros but I often go to Cebu to meet friends or as a jump off point to other destinations. When time is limited, I take the plane. But if I want to just laze around or if I can’t afford to book a flight, I take the bus.

Ceres Liner nowadays constantly change their schedule which I believe is due to demand. Because of the lack of updated information online, I felt compelled to publish this here on my…

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