Day 3: Bellydancing

Let me just start by gushing over how much I love our instructor today.

First off, she has a really lean body! Talk about inspiring! Seriously, she doesn’t have unnecessary fat and bulges on her stomach, arms and legs. She looks so confident while she danced and she has amazing abs. She also wore this really sexy bellydancing outfit which I really loved very much.

She’s an ordinary person just like me but she has abs! Okay, she’s definitely more hardworking because she has them! It just reminds me that they are very much achievable. Abs are not photoshopped wonders on the covers of magazines. They are real and even people who are not celebrities can have them!

Secondly, she has amazing taste in music. I loved all the songs used during our 60-minute bellydancing session. It helped me focus on dancing because I could have fun with the music.

Thirdly, she is a very good dancer. I can clearly see that she’s done bellydancing for a really long time. There’s a way to her execution of actions that, even if she tries to simplify them for the students who have had no dancing experience before, I can see that her moves have been perfected through consistent practice. I am actually very envious. I wish I could dance like that. I wish I have her body. I wish I could move like her. I hope she’ll be a regular in the schedule I’m going for next week.  I love her lessons!

Also, we worked out at the other studio. It was way more spacious and had a bigger set of mirrors. Oh yeah, each mirror reflects every curve – unwanted or not! Oh well, it did help me dance my ass off. The more I can see how big I’ve become, the more motivated I am to work harder than ever!


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