Day 2: Whole Day Fast (20 hours)

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I’ve been fasted for 20 hours straight now.

All I can think of is food. It doesn’t help that senses are heightened during the fasted state, so yes, I can smell each and every savory meal that’s being cooked in the streets, in restaurants, and even at home.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy.

This is day 2 of the 24-hour fast that’s part of the intermittent fasting diet pattern that I’m trying out. Basically, I fast for 24-hours at least twice a week (note: at least, not necessarily twice a week) and I skip breakfast for the rest of the week. I have to make sure I eat within the eight-hour feeding window, but I could extend the eight-hour feeding window for an hour or two (depending on how hungry I could get and if I’m working out on that day).

So far, I’m doing well on the eight-hour feeding window this past week. I was never a fan of breakfast anyway, so I just eat at 12nn and stop eating at 8pm. Though, I have extended a few times since sometimes friends come over and insist on eating until 10pm.

For the fast today, I started last night at 11pm because we attended this intimate concert in a restaurant and the ticket was inclusive of a heavy meal.

Now, I’m currently at 20-hours and it hasn’t been easy. I chose today since I have classes every Saturday and I could keep busy. Unfortunately, we didn’t have classes for the afternoon, so all I did was take a 3km walk from Mango Square to my place then slept for an hour. I also did a really quick jog very early this morning. I guess they’re right, I could still workout fasted (although the hunger pangs do get in the way since more calories burned = more sugar demanded by the body). I’ve managed to stave off the hunger by drinking water. I’m currently on my 11th glass of water and I have drunk 2 cups of green tea (which really, really helped).

Right now, I’m waiting for our bellydancing class to start. One advantage of having no classes in the afternoon today is I get to join today’s class. That makes a day closer to my goal of attending 31-days of bellydancing classes! Thats always a good thing!

Hopefully, I could last fasting until 8pm today or better yet for longer or until 10pm (which is the 24-hour mark). I’m awfully competitive so I might last…but I’m also very easy to dissuade from goals so hopefully, I could do it.

Wish me luck!

I’m hungry.

*Update: I managed to survive until 8pm (22 hours!). I had dinnerv with Jennie right after so now I’m a-okay!



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