A night with Kitchie

My brother is a huge, huge fan of OPM (original pinoy music). I’m not much of a fan, but he is. So when I told him a friend invited me to go to a special intimate concert with Kitchie Nadal in one of the restaurants we frequent in Cebu, he immediately asked me to buy him a ticket. Mind you, we’re broke at the moment, but he still found ways to save up and prepare for the concert tickets.

The tickets cost Php 395 each. That’s not exactly cheap but it’s consumable (it comes with a free full meal dinner and a great view of the artists playing). I figured that since my brother wanted to go so much, he should be given the chance to actually go. So, we bought the ticket and prepped for the event.

The event started at 6:30pm and was held at Fuzion Gourmet and Restaurant, just beside National Bookstore in Mango Avenue. There were three local artists who served as front acts for Kitchie Nadal’s performance – all of them talented Cebuano performers.

By 9:30 pm, Kitchie’s set was ready. She performed a lot of her songs from her previous albums (and a few from her new album). For those who don’t know, Kitchie was renowned for her performance of “Wag na wag mong sasabihin” which was released from one of her earliest albums. She stayed true to her roots and made sure to perform the song that made her so popular to her fans. Most of her songs were just as good. She’s actually announced that she has a new album coming up! She also sang a song in waray, as tribute to the victims of Yolanda and the storms that have been through the country the past year. She performed the song to a benefit concert for the people in Tacloban in order to lift up their spirits. She also consistently helps out orphans and street children by teaching them music. For a very Winslet talented performer, Kitchie Nadal is very modest and has a big heart.

She has no qualms about taking photos with her fans. Even my brother was so starstruck!



With the one and only #KitchieNadal, one of the best #OPM musicians!! πŸ™‚

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