2nd run for the year

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 3.54km, time: 33:02, pace: 9:20min/km, speed: 6.43km/h.

This is gonna seem weird that I’m constantly posting updates about my runs (or attempts at running), but I think it’s a necessary way to keep myself accountable. If I want to lose weight healthily and help keep my lungs healthy, I need to make sure I monitor my progress. This is like a way for me to say, “Hey, you already started posting updates on your run! You can’t skip out on running today!”. I actually look forward to saying to myself, “look how far you’ve run! Look at how fast you’ve sped up. Look how far you could go.” But I’m still starting and I need to stay realistic.

This pace and this progress may not be good enough for some but I’m going to give myself some slack and be proud of it anyway. I’m not an athlete and I’ve been leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle for almost 23 years (I preferred staying indoors to read instead of playing outside), so the fact that I managed to run twice in a row is amazing to me. It’s practically an achievement.

Hopefully, I could continue and make more achievements. It’s so tempting to just say “I’m tired, let’s not do it today”. So it’s important to keep myself accountable.

I even convinced my brother to run with me. That’s when I figured I have a terrible set of lungs that clearly need to work out more. I really, clearly need to learn to keep up with him and he’s intentionally slowing down because I can’t keep up with his pace. 😥

In all fairness to me, though. I’ve only just started running and he was a former basketball player for our high school team. He’s also done taekwondo. So I guess he’s clearly better at working out than I am.

Still, that’s good for me. More reason to push myself harder.


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