1st run for the year

And the first of several!

I intend to run daily for three months or a total of 91 days! Hopefully, that would start a habit. For now, this is a good start.

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 3.43km, time: 33:31, pace: 9:46min/km, speed: 6.14km/h.

That was a good run…especially for me! I don’t do a lot of cardio but this is good! I’m looking forward to my next run!

*I feel so full despite the run. I drank a glass of milk (90 calories) so I made sure that I manage to burn that off. I’m still full, though, because the two glasses of water I drank before the run are still fresh in my guts. I don’t think I’m going to be eating any time soon, which is good since I intend to eat at lunch time. This is just in time for my 16-hour fast to end (which I calculated to have started at 8pm last night).

Losing unwanted fat isn’t easy. I keep the photo of the current “me” as motivation because it is depressing to look at. I’m so flabby looking in the photo. What makes it more depressing is my brother says I look flabbier in real life. Not good.

To prove my point, this is what I looked like on September 2014:

This is how big I am now:

See the change? I look bigger and generally not as healthy looking as I did just a few months ago. My brother says I actually look bigger in real life (I already mentioned that, right?).

I currently look like I’ve been eating too much junk and drinking too much alcohol (which I have) for the past three months. I remember I actually flipped out when my brother brought me spaghetti instead of a double cheeseburger. I kid you not.

So, the goal is to get back to my old, healthier weight by losing those flabby arms in the healthiest way possible. Also, I’d prefer to have lost a bit more pounds by Sinulog.

Fortunately, I believe positive change could be achieved in the next three months in much the same way I’ve grown bigger in the previous three months. I just need a lot more discipline and determination to keep myself going. Fortunately, comparing these two photos has greatly motivated me so far.

So, yeah, citing from Britney’s song, “you gotta work, bitch!”



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