Intermittent Fasting Day 1

I did it!

I finally survived my first day fasting the whole day. I didn’t know I could do it, but I managed!

Now, by whole day fasting, I truly truly meant not eating the whole day and avoiding solid food.

I survived the day by loading up on protein at the very start of the day. I started with 2 scrambled eggs and a glass of milk. The rest of the day I subsisted on making sure I drink exactly 8 glasses of water, another glass of milk, a cup of coffee and a cup of green tea. It’s important to stay hydrated during a fast because I’m not consuming solids and the protein from the milk and eggs helps in keeping me from gorging on food out of “starvation”.

Fortunately, though, the liquids helped in dispelling the cravings. I felt full for the longest time and I managed to think clearly about what kinds of food I need to eat to stay healthy. I even had enough energy to dance for 10 minutes, walk around our subdivision (which took around 30 minutes – good cardio), and properly list down my goals for 2015! It’s surprising how difficult it actually is to finish 8 glasses of water during a relaxed, non-workout day because two glasses is enough to get me full. Whenever my stomach craves for food, I just grab a glass of tea or water and I feel better.

Of course, it helped that it’s Sunday and I could sleep in for at least three hours in the middle of the day. Generally, I don’t feel hungry during sleep so it’s good.

The whole day fasting is one of several twice a week whole day fasts that I intend to do for January.

Why do I voluntarily go through this?

It’s part of the intermittent fasting program that I intend to follow through. I’m no authority on the topic of intermittent fasting, so for more information on it, I suggest you read up on intermittent fasting, the beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting and read the book Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.

Essentially, intermittent fasting is about losing weight and eating healthily. It works on the premise that the body needs to undergo regular fasts in order to properly utilize dormant energy in our body. This means burning through the fats and calories we retain and using it as energy during the fasted state.

There’s several ways to go about it but the gist is you could do a whole day fast then stick to a healthy diet within your daily calorie goal the whole week or you could do an everyday fast for 16 hours (done mostly during sleep) then eat for the next 8 hours). Of course, this works so much better if I could workout at least 3x a week so I could build muscle while losing the fat.

These are, of course, still in theory since I’ve just started and I wanted to see how it will go exactly.

So far so good. I started fasting from 9am and It’s currently 11:11 pm. So that’s a total of 14 hours! That is an accomplishment! Haha I believe I can make it until 12 midnight! This is a test of will and determination!

Wish me luck!

Haha! WOOHOO! Diet is over now! Tag a friend!!

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