Quick Update: Manila 2014 (Part II)

Naturally, after the vaguely accurate events of the last night occurred, we decided we wanted to party even more. After all, we rarely get to see each other again and a night (or two) in Metro Manila just doesn’t feel right without drinks at a bar then a crazy night at the club.

So, off we go to Quezon City once again to party at Guilly’s Island!

Guilly’s Island is this really cool club located at Tomas Morato, QC and, surprisingly, is just across the street from ABS-CBN TV Station. In fact, the TV Station is just literally across the street at McDonald’s Tomas Morato. The regular entrance fee to Guilly’s is P300 but we managed to get in okay because the bouncer was kind enough to let us in since he knows some of the friends I’m with.

Guilly’s was fun!

We arrived a bit early (10am is still waaaay too early for the craziness to start) so we chilled out for a few drinks. I forgot how much a bucket of antonov was but we had one. I’m not sure but I guess someone else paid for my drinks. I normally have lousy memory (hence, the need to write down everything) and it’s aggravated by my leisurely intake of alcohol.

Anyway, my good friend Ben decided to drop by and we partied again. Ben was a couchsurfer I met last July (or August). He was a friend of a friend who turned out to be a travel buddy on our way to Bantayan Island last August. He was basically one of the reasons we survived on our random, unplanned escapade since neither one (except him) could cook so well. His version of the pad thai is absolutely delicious! Anyway, he’s working in Taiwan and he’s leaving in two days and I doubt we’ll be seeing each other again very soon so we decided to party together one last time!

It was so much fun hanging out with Ben and my sister’s friends. Most of them are reviewing for the CPA board exams and they’re partying before they spend the rest of 2015 studying and reviewing.

We had a few more shots, danced on the platform/stage next to the DJ, got shot on camera for their VTR, drank some more and met a few new friends. It was crazy and it was so much fun.

Unfortunately, I got way too drunk to remember most of what happened that night. All I knew was, from what I could remember, it was hilariously crazy.

The hangover the next day just proved my point. Fortunately, there’s always tea and milk to nurse the pounding headache.



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