The view from Tops – Busay

My sister and I just got back from our very short trip in Manila. I stayed there for a few days and met up with a few friends before heading back to Cebu.

Just a few minutes after our arrival, the two of us decided it would be cool to surprise our brother and hang out with some of my sister’s friends. As it turns out, the 21st is also the birthday of one of her closest college friend.

After a few laughs over dinner, we all decided it would be cool to visit Tops since most of them haven’t been there yet.

For those of you who don’t know where or what Tops is, Tops refers to the upper area in Busay, Cebu. It literally comes from the word “mountaintops” since the view is from the mountain overlooking the city.

We filled up on gas, prepared jackets and, of course, stacked up on tequila and chips before heading off to the long, winding road towards Tops.

The way to Tops is actually pretty straightforward. If you have a car, you just have to go straight to Lahug and go straight to JY Square. Near the mall is an intersection with one road that stretches all the way to the mountain. This is the same road several people will pass by if they intend to go to Marco Polo, Mr. A Restaurant and further up to Lantaw.

I’ve been to Tops before but the trip was made in the morning. I got a good view of the city and of the surrounding foliage and landscape.

Still, nothing beats going to Tops at night and checking out the view overlooking the city of Cebu.

The lights are fantastic. They are so bright and so clear.


Of course, this view comes at a price. Other than the long and winding road trip that may take around 30 minutes, there is also a P100 entrance fee which needed to be paid upon arrival at Tops. Of course, there’s no charge for corkage so visitors could go and bring as much booze and food as they want.

Of course, if you consider the view then the P100 entrance fee is totally worth it.

Just a reminder, you have to really bring jackets because the place is too cold. Alcohol helps deal with the chill and they also have a lounge for guests which is comfortably not as cold as the rest of Tops.

Besides, seeing the look on your friends’ faces when they check out the view (and get crazy drunk right after) is definitely priceless. Just don’t get too drunk or you’ll have problems driving down that road back to the city.



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