Cebu Pt. 3

Wow! This is very helpful! I’m reposting this so we’d have a reference for what to see and do in Oslob tomorrow! We’re so excited!


We’ve been wifi-less for a few days and we’re finally back!!!!!!!!!

Landed in Manila safely this weekend and we’ve settled in. So many things to do here — but let’s bring it back to Cebu before we get into all that.

One of the must-do things we wanted to do while in Cebu was swim with the whale sharks in Oslob. And my goodness was it an amazing experience!!!! I cannot even explain what it was like to swim beside these beautiful giants. The only way to describe it is unreal.

We woke up at 3:30am to make it for the 6am briefing (not easy). The fishermen in the barangay of Tan-awan set out to feed these amazing giants where snorkelers and divers can experience swimming with them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA LOL. How do you like our gear?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Beautiful gentle giants. The spot pattern is unique to each individual whale shark. Much like our…

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Cebu to Bacolod – Ceres Bus Schedule (as of 01/28/2015)

Since I’m planning on visiting Negros soon, this is a very helpful post. Thank you!

The Awkward Traveler

Bacolod or Negros Occidental is a very convenient destination when one needs to go on a side trip after spending time in Cebu. In addition, many Negrenses are working in Cebu.

I know many people now prefer taking the plane from Cebu to Bacolod or vice versa. But I know there are still some who prefer the bus.

I for one usually take the bus when going home. I’m based in Negros but I often go to Cebu to meet friends or as a jump off point to other destinations. When time is limited, I take the plane. But if I want to just laze around or if I can’t afford to book a flight, I take the bus.

Ceres Liner nowadays constantly change their schedule which I believe is due to demand. Because of the lack of updated information online, I felt compelled to publish this here on my…

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Excited for Oslob!

Here’s something to look forward to!

My friends and I are going to Oslob tomorrow!

Oslob is in the Southern most part of Cebu island and is well-reputed for its whale shark sightings!

Among the four of us, I’m the only one who has never been to Oslob before but almost all of us have never experienced swimming with whale sharks before.

We hope the weather will turn out really well because we’re all seriously hyped up!!

We all agreed to wear monokinis and the girls are staying over tonight so we could all go to the South Bus Terminal early tomorrow!

Another goal will soon be scratched off my bucketlist!

xoxo Sheree

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