Manila Blues

I haven’t been feeling very well lately. Blame it on bad eating habits, pollution or good old-fashioned hormones (that shit gets blamed for everything), I’ve been having terrible skin breakouts on my face. I’ve also added on a lot of weight due to my reckless hedonistic indulgence and passionate love for food. The family also decided to spend a week in Manila and the street pollution is killing my vibe. The congested traffic, the unregulated car fumes, and the crowded streets just made my trip to the city not so fun (of course, I wasn’t feeling so good to begin with and I really needed an outlet for the frustration). Hence, it’s safe to say I wasn’t feeling especially fabulous.

After two days in Manila, I figured, I might as well enjoy my stay here and not sulk over the traffic and over how not-so-fabulous I feel. I figured there’s only a few attractive (and affordable) options that could help get rid of the vacation blues:

In no particular order
1. Massage
2. Facial (preferably a pimple removing facial – those breakouts are terrifying)
3. Eat (worst option – the last thing I need is added weight! Resolve to eat healthier in 2015!)
4. Party! -> hey, I’m in Manila. Might as well enjoy my stay here and where better to enjoy the night life than in the country’s capital?

Okay, the last part is hardly cheap but it’s almost always usually worth it. I love my friends. I love meeting new people. And, I needed the buzz. A change of environment is good. More people to meet and drink with is exactly what I need to distract myself from the blues.

I don’t really need to be reminded that I’ve put on weight. My sister alarmingly remarked that I looked pregnant, which is a bad thing since I didn’t even get to enjoy the “how to get pregnant” part in the last few weeks and I’ve just had my period. So, to resolve on removing the god-awful flabs on my arms and abdomen, I’m avoiding rice and sugary snacks. I’m serious.

Thankfully, a week after I met some of my sister’s friends in her review center, one of them remarked that I looked thinner (or at least thinner than my fat, bloated self a week ago) so I guess that means I’ve shed a few pounds. I’ve resolved to avoid the weighing scale since it doesn’t help with my mood. I just know, at the moment, that I want to go back to being a size 27 with smaller arms. Sigh.

Oh well, at least I managed to not drink soda for a week now. Same goes with not eating rice, white bread and sugary sweets. That’s good. No more junk in my system. I’ll keep on doing that as soon as I get back to Cebu. I’ll probably do a fast and a detox, then go back to working out. 

Wish me luck!



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