Daily Photo: Librong nabili ngayong araw

I decided to splurge on books today. I’m probably going to regret that, considering that Christmas is right around the corner and I’m already running out of cash.

Still, books will always be good investments and these are too beautiful to pass up on.

I don’t know anything about Patricia J. Williams other than what’s written in her author description, but the book seemed interesting. I breezed through a few pages before purchasing and I love her humor and attitude. I think I will thoroughly enjoy her book.

Then there’s Augusten Burroughs’ Running with scissors. This book has been frequently included in the list of books highly recommended by friends and by Goodreads. I figured I will read it in epub format, but finding it in a book sale for a very cheap price could only be divine intervention. Hence, I just went right ahead and bought it.

I wish I could have bought more but my budget won’t allow it. Oh well, I’m including these in my long, long, long list of books to read.



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