Kuting-Kuting (2010) Trailer


Pia, a History student and aspiring filmmaker, meets a mysterious musician on the streets of Iloilo, and proceeds to make him the star of her class documentary. But as she struggles to finish her documentary, Pia soon discovers that the music he plays is quickly becoming as elusive as the musician himself.

This is UPV Indie Org’s entry in the very first Ilonggo Short Film Competition. 2010 (c).

Directed by Myra Escoro and Sheree Tampus
Written by Genevieve Caberte and Erlyn Bayonita
Featuring Virgilio “Pirot” Pecheller, Genevieve Caberte, Rhoda Garzon
Edited by Myra Escoro, Sheree Tampus, Stephanie Suarez, Candy Flor Talidano, Jimma Totesora, Wila Mentino
Master Editor: John Raymund Macahilas



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