Day 2 – Lilas Binisaya Film Festival

It’s Day 2 of the film festival and a lot of people turned out to support the respective films in competition! Of course, I’m waaaaay biased so I only took photos of our film.


But you really can’t blame me. This is the first time I have personally seen one of our short films screened on an actual cinema!


This is the first film produced by Comfortable Confusion Productions, so we’re all seriously psyched.

I actually teared up a bit when I realized this is our production’s first cinematic debut.


I almost cried when I realized how historic of a moment this is. We’re watching our first Comfortable Confusion film in the oldest movie house in Cebu!

This is also the first film we made that we’ve personally witnessed in a cinema. It’s the culmination of weeks of hard work (and cramming!). Imagine shooting videos using phone cameras, and only a total of 4 people in the production crew!


So many of our friends were also very supportive. Some of them actually went to the cinema to watch the film (they were also biased so they thought ours was “the best ever”) and I’m just so happy they were there. So many people also supported us in our Facebook page too. It’s just so overwhelmingly exciting! All the love, baby. All the love!

Oh dear, it was honestly very overwhelming.


It’s just…this is our baby and people are actually watching it AND they think it’s funny! They actually think it’s funny! Our humor isn’t that dry after all!


We actually don’t care if we win or not. Truth be told, there are lots of amazing films screened in the competition and they deserve to win in their own right. I’m actually rooting for a few. I’m just personally very happy that we got to do this and we managed to show it in front of so many people. Also, just the fact that we witnessed our film on an actual cinema screen is an award in an of itself (how often do I have to repeat that?).

Oh dear…all my feels!


Oh, wait, do you hear that annoying sobbing sound? Yes, that’s me wailing and bawling my eyes out crying tears of happiness. Excuse me as I embarrass myself for crying and going sentimental.


Okay, I’m fine. I can breathe normally now.

Thanks for enduring this post with me. I just finished hyperventilating. I’m okay now. Haha




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