Most girls love shopping. I’m not an exception.

I love the thrill of looking through clothes, shoes, and bags, sniffing the wonderful “newly stacked” fragrance wafting through the “Sale” aisles. I love the cut of each fabric, the feel of each texture against my skin, the bold cuts and colors…even the tiny price tags attached attached to them. I love them all.

What I love the most? Sales and Bargain Sales!

What I love better? Prizes that go along with every purchase!

I know, it’s totally materialistic. If you’re cringing at how similar this is to “Confessions of a Shopaholic” then I can understand and I can’t blame you. I love shopping, but even I cringe at that book and movie. It’s too materialistic and shallow…and I’m afraid I could be like that sometimes.

I’m afraid I can’t justify my love for shopping and express my distaste for “Confessions of a Shopaholic” because that would make me hypocritical. I can only say that I honestly and truly empathize with both sides of the coin. I dislike the shallowness of the “shopaholic” protagonist but I can’t blame her for her love of shopping.

I love shopping, I’m not going to deny that. It makes me feel happy. I believe in retail therapy, but I also know my limits. Whenever I overspend, I feel terrible. I could have bought more important things with the same amount of money.
But when I spend my money on a good cause or something that truly means a lot, then the cost hardly matters.

Fortunately, the book series and the movie are satires. I doubt anyone could be truly that shallow, and the protagonist tried to be less comical and less selfish in the end, which is good.

Personally, I try my best not to end up like her. I know there are more important things that could be bought by money, but I’m certainly not denying that I always feel elated when I go on the occasional retail therapy…because nothing just feels as good as buying something you truly want for yourself.

With that said, I won’t deny that I spent a lot when I went shopping last week. There was no occasion. I just had a card and we decided to buy things we usually couldn’t (because of time, etc). I bought jeans for a wardrobe update since I usually just have more shorts and skirts in my closet. I ended up getting a free travel journal from Wrangler, with the help of my sister and brother. We also bought shoes and shirts because, well, we rarely could. We also bought our little brother and our beloved nephew toys and gifts.

I feel bad for spending too much, but somehow, this week’s purchase was worth it. Besides, that 2015 travel journal looks lovely.



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