To The PTA Moms at My Son’s School

I am reblogging this because this blog post serves a very important message: there will be people who will antagonize you and the people you love for being different. There will be people who will close other people off because of their gender, race, political inclinations, and everything else that makes them human and special. There will be people out there who will propagate hate over ignorance and refusal to open up their minds.

But this is also a challenge for the rest of us who know better.

We know that these people exist and, though it pains us to try to deal with them and educate them (because they refuse to be educated), we should still hold our heads high and defend our rights and the rights of the very people these ignorance antagonizes. We have to show that even if there are people who think this way, there are people who think otherwise and we can do our part in encouraging those marginalized by the close-minded to come out and be proud of who they are. Because for every individual who shouts “hate” over being different, there are at least 2 more who say “No to the hate”.

Raising My Rainbow

Last week I published a blog post about things said during a PTA meeting I attended at my youngest son’s school. I wanted to shine a light on the homophobic, transphobic, insensitive, hateful and hurtful things that some moms said during the meeting and show that as far as we have come in LGBTQ acceptance and equality, there is still much work to be done. And sometimes that work needs to be done in heavy doses at places much closer to home than we’d like.

Almost immediately, PTA moms from our school started commenting, messaging and reacting viscerally on social media.

As they did, I stared at the PTA tagline: Every child, One voice. I’m not convinced that our PTA as a whole cares about every child and some of the voices I heard that night are not voices I want speaking on behalf of my child. That being said…

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