Spontaneous day out

My brother’s been feeling down lately, so I figured the best way to get him out of his emotional roller coaster ride is to get him to go out and have fun. It’s a beautiful Saturday and it would be a waste to just not go around and explore.

So we did!

The drawback? We only have a total of 400Php. So, we have to find a way to go out and have fun on a VERY tight budget. What? A bit of financial challenge never stopped me from having fun! Neither should it stop you or anyone. 😉

So, off we prepared for our great, frugal adventure.

First, we have to find a way to get to the ferry to Mactan. So, from Banawa, we rode a 12L which cost us P8 each. When we arrived at Labangon, we rode a 12I to get to Pier 3. For the ferry, we paid 14Php each plus a P1 terminal fee.
The view from the ferry is amazing.

The ferry ride took only 20+ minutes.


When we arrived, we didn’t really have anything planned. So, from the ferry, we rode a jeepney to Gaisano Mactan which cost us PHP 8 each. Then we took another jeepney to Maribago for only Php11 each. There, we decided to go around.

We visited Bahia Resort, which had an entrance fee of P150, inclusive of P75 consumable for snacks or drinks. We didn’t get to take a lot of photos since it was already dark.

Then we went around and ended up at Civet Coffee.

I wanted to try out the civet coffee – basically coffee ground from civet excrements (or shit, if you want to be so vulgar about it) but the actual civet coffee costs Php750!! Php750! That’s enough for a good trip to Balamban with ziplines and good food! No way am I spending Php750 for coffee made out of shit…

So we just took photos..

Then we took a tour around JPark Hotel and Resort (or what once was known as the Imperial Palace).


Funny thing was, my brother kept cursing like a pirate under his breath, but I guess that should be expected when you spontaneously drag your usually uptight brother to tour a hotel with you after promising to only take a few photos of the lights.




To our surprise, we found out that the Miss Earth Philippines held their talent competition right then and there!


We weren’t exactly dressed for the occasion, but we took photos anyway.

My brother was overwhelmed by all the things we did for the day. We didn’t exactly include traipsing around a hotel and taking photos during a pageant in our itinerary.

Still, it was fun. It was unexpected, but definitely exciting. I guess, the moral of this post is… just go with the flow. Let the day surprise you with what it could offer. It may not be conventional or how you expect a day to end, but, then again, how do you get adventures if every day ends the same way? Life’s no fun if you know exactly what happens next.

Maligayang Pasko from Jpark Island Beach Resort

At the end of the day, all that really matters is getting that goofy smile on his face

You don't get to ride a jeepney like this most of the time. For once, it felt like we owned this jeepney cause it was so empty (but only for a few minutes)



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