I was enjoying lunch when my sister sent me this message, which literally translates to “Go on a diet, big sister”.


Now this may not seem much, but I’m quite reputed among friends and family for my appetite.

You can't stop me #salmonsushi and #okonomiyaki! I'm on fire!

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I also am not in the skinny-as-fuck category. I love my body, though.


Anyway, I have a love for food. I wouldn’t even call it just love – it’s practically a passion and a lifestyle.

My ultimate gastronomic goal is to eat the special cuisines of each locality, not the ones in fancy restaurants (though I wouldn’t say no to eating there too) but more on the “what are the locals really eating” front.

My friends and family know that when it comes to food, I’m always happy. In fact, not a lot could make me quite as happy as appreciating the little things and having a bit of food.

Rufela once gave me a small wrapped cookie and I couldn’t stop thanking her for the kind gesture.

Jennie, Jimma and Myra know that whenever we hang out or they come over my place, there has to be food.

In fact, they know when I’m just eating “snack portion” or if “I haven’t had a decent meal yet” portion.

My brother always brings me home some snacks (or meals) and he knows food usually makes me feel better when grumpy.

That said, I probably won’t be avoiding food in order to go on a strict diet. I’m quite an impulsive eater and it’s so difficult to deprive myself of all the good things. But, discipline is discipline and I have to learn to control myself.

It’s updates like these from my little sister that reminds me “Yeah, control yourself Sheree”.




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