Updates (Erlinda, Couchsurfing, Nephews, Pandas, and more)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated a post here. Things have been crazy these past few days, but I wouldn’t say it hasn’t been fun. In fact, it’s been one of the best weeks ever.

I’m honestly still reeling over the bittersweetness of it all so it took a while.

Anyway, in order to make things more comprehensive, I’ve listed the amazing updates that have happened this past few days.

1. My nephew could count numbers and read letters now!

This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s only been 4 months since I last saw my 2-year old nephew, so that’s definite progress! Also, he’s managed to be very good at using the word “No”, especially when we tease him about taking his mother away from him (yeah, we’re terrible).  He’s also managed to use the word to get what he wants so, obviously, he’s one smart kid!

2. Finally visited dad again
It’s been a long time since I properly visited. He’s one of the most wonderful people I know and it’s a shame I couldn’t hang out with him as much as I should. The whole visit made for a lot good laughs and reminiscing about the past which we haven’t done in a long while. Usually, when it comes to him, we’re all serious, moody and depressed, but now it’s a relief that we could finally have a good laugh like the way we used to.

3. Erlinda is screening in an actual theater!
Remember that film I kept writing about – the first film produced by Comfortable Confusion Productions? The first film I’ve directed in 4 years since the days we used to produce films in college?

Yep. That film just got listed among the films to be screened on the big screen in the Lilas Binisaya Short Film Competition!

Funny thing is, we didn’t make a real poster for the film. We planned to, but Lilas instructed that they will only request posters from films that got in the shortlist. So, it was quite a surprise when last Wednesday night, I received a message from them requesting for a poster from our film. Mind you, we didn’t actually expect to get in but we keep hoping that we’ll make it. I didn’t even take the request seriously… Until I saw our poster on their page with the announcement that it will be screened along with the other films on November 29th.


Nothing could contain our excitement. Our film – our poor short film shot with a cellphone camera – is going to be screened to a live audience in an actual theater!


We don’t even care if we get the prizes (although that would definitely be a nice bonus!), we’re all just so thrilled to know that our film will be in an actual film screening.


Everyone has been very very supportive. I wanted to cry of happiness. It’s definitely the best feeling in the world.

4. I got to hang out with Kitchie Nadal…in person!

Life is definitely full of surprises. When you have an open mind and you keep your doors open to everything that could possibly happen, these doors are opened for you.
This is exactly how I felt when I finally met Kitchie Nadal in person.
Yes, I know that I sound like a total fangirl and I won’t deny it because I am.
Kitchie, one of the most popular young singers in the Philippines, happens to be a really close friend of one of my friends. When she came to Cebu, I didn’t expect to see her in person – let alone actually hang out with her and her friends til 3 in the morning.

The best part? Her friends are amazing!
We kept talking about philosophy, filmmaking, social justice, religion, homosexuality, and gender roles. It was a very interesting night of discussion. What’s even more interesting is finding out that they also make films of their own, AND actually getting some good filmmaking tips from them.
Also, they have really interesting perspectives on philosophy and religion and we hung out like real good friends even if we only just met. It was crazy.
Of course, it didn’t matter if I was talking to the President of the United States or if it was Nelson Mandela, what mattered was the quality of the conversation. It was just amazing because it was such a great talk and, then eventually realizing who you’re talking to, is an amazing blessing from the universe. I am honored to have experienced such a moment in my lifetime. It’s not everyday you get to drink and hang out with these wonderfully inspiring people.

5. Hung out with Rufela’s couchsurfers


The next day, Rufela introduced us to her couchsurfers. Gareth is from Australia, Elodie is from France, and Gerald is from Singapore. They’re all so much fun. I like how Elodie is so fascinated about the Philippines, she keeps encouraging me to travel and explore because “it’s your country!”. Gerald is quiet but he’s just as eager to travel and experience new things, and that excitement definitely rubs off on people. We made him eat balut and he managed to eat it in one gulp!
Gareth, on the other hand, is a great conversationalist when it comes to philosophy and gender roles. He’s also badass at playing pool. It’s so much fun talking to all of them.
Funny, we also discussed philosophy while drinking. That’s the second day in a row!

6. Bryce’s Night Before Sendoff Party

We all had drinks at Gilligan’s the night before Bryce is holding his goodbye party. It was crazy fun. I kept spilling drinks while listening to acoustic jams. Naturally, we also talked about existential crises, corporate slavery, and… Dundun! Philosophy!
It was fun because the band encouraged people to sing in front, and no one wanted to, so I came up to the front and sang “Crazy for you”. They wanted an encore, so I sang “Bakit ngayon ka Lang” with the band. It was crazy. Yuki sang “Leaving on a jetplane” for Bryce, and we all went along and sang with him. I’m quite sure Bryce may have hidden a tear.

So far, that’s how fun it has been. I’m glad that I get to experience these and I look forward to the surprises life has in store for me in the days to come.




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