I often wonder why I’m not as competitive as other people.

While other people go on their lives competing for position, status, power, achievement, and honor, I have nothing to compete for. Sure, I dislike losing and failing, but everybody does. I simply dislike the realization of being wrong, but I try to understand why and just try to learn from it.

Not a lot of people realize this because my extrovertion gets in the way of impressions, but I am a very introspective person. I think too much about anything and everything, and this conscious realization of my lack of desire to compete left me thinking about it for a while.

I don’t need to compete. I don’t see any reason to.

Still, there are moments when it would be nice to win and so I try to go ahead and do it. I give it my all and wish for the best. If it doesn’t work out, then it’s fine. But I don’t revolve my whole life trying to compete with others. It’s just not in my nature.

Sometimes I wish I was more determined and competitive. That way, I could probably experience some things that only accomplished and competitive people could.

My mother is a very competitive and goal-oriented person. She knows what she wants and she goes right ahead and gets it. That’s why she became quite successful in her young age. Take a girl who grew up in a country village who wishes to escape a better life, and by 18 she’s off married to a 30-year old seafarer. By 25, she became a CPA and from then on, earned promotions until she has enough to have a business of her own. She didn’t rely on anyone. She relied on her guts and determination to achieve.

My mom is an inspiring person and I admire her drive for life. Sometimes I wish I was as driven as her, but as it is, I’m not. I know what I want in my life but I’m interested in following a very different pace. Like I said before, I’m quite content and dissatisfied with where I am now. I love my life right now, but I also want to experience a different pace in life.

My approach, at the moment, is to embrace the positivity all around. I don’t compete against anyone and my only competition, if any, is myself.

I’m perfectly content with what I have now but since I also want to experience more, I don’t plan and just do.

I live by the principle of the Law of Attraction – embrace positivity and believe that if you want something hard enough, the universe will grant it to you one way or another. I embrace this philosophy, not because I believe the universe owes me my happiness but, because I believe I determine my own happiness. I can choose to focus on the negativity or on the positivity. I believe in embracing each and every outcome and in focusing on the optimistic perspective because, then, it wouldn’t matter if I fail or not, I would always look on the bright side and there will always be something good to look forward to.

I read somewhere that the difference between an adventure and an exasperating trip is ATTITUDE. I guess, for me, at this point in my life, that is what’s important.




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