Doodling on walls

My friend Sheila just opened her bed and breakfast business, the the Bunk Bed House. Since it’s new, there’s still a lot of cleaning up and improving to do.

She then decided it would be cool to have her friends paint on the walls and just make the place look fun.

Naturally, I’m not good at painting since I haven’t really tried painting on a wall before. If there’s anything I learned in my attempts at oil painting, painting is difficult to master and it needs a lot of patience. Obviously, I can’t afford to waste a good canvass or wall surface for practice if said wall is part of a business venture.

Fortunately, she changed her mind and decided doodling on walls would be best. Thank God! I’m so much better at linearts than coloring so doodling is no problem.

Here’s a few photos of the doodling we did on a section of her wall:







Essentially, the Bunk Bed House was conceptualized by Sheila for some time now. The business is essentially her own baby and she saved up a lot to make it happen.

She wants to make it a very cheap and affordable place for travelers to stay in. It’s located near Cebu’s Country Mall and is just a ride away from Ayala Centre Cebu. I’ve stayed over her place a couple of times and it has been a lot of fun. Sheila definitely works hard to become a very good host to her guests. Well, it does come naturally, considering she’s hosted quite a lot of people before as a couchsurfing host.
She’s had around 3 guests stay over at the Bunk Bed House and they’ve all had so much fun hanging out with her.

The Bunk Bed House is also on AirBnB. It’s still new so that means more room for decorating. Sheila’s planning to invite other friends to doodle on the walls. I’m proud to say that I’m the first one to do it. It was so much fun!! It was my first time to really doodle on wall spaces so I’m particularly honored to have Sheila trust me to do it for her new place. :3

More people should try to do it more often.



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