Embrace your weirdness

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again

Embrace your weirdness

Because, really, what makes you weird is essentially what makes you who you are. It’s what makes you unique and special.

Sure, what makes you weird may seem embarrassing. Other people may start looking at you funny.

But you know what? It’s who you are…and your friends and family already know your weirdness. They would probably laugh, but they accept you for it anyway. In fact, if you act any differently, then they’d start to worry.

So, go ahead.

Dance like crazy dog chasing his tail.
Eat a lot – a whole lot than most people do.
Go ahead and speak in that alien language you learned in your favorite book/movie.
Sing even when you’re off-key.
Gush over your fandoms and OTPs.

If you’re happy doing it and you’re not hurting other people, then what’s the shame in that? What’s to be ashamed of doing something you love?

After all, who said we have to please everyone by acting any different from who we are?

Remember, the greatest minds and the people who changed the world managed to make the whole world a better place by thinking,

Fuck what everyone else says. I’m doing my own thing.

And they did.



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