Weird vs Cute

My brother and I had a really interesting conversation a few days ago.

I was talking to him about feminism and the social responsibility of mass media when I realized

Even when we’re just hanging out, all I could talk about with my brother (other than food and movies) is my stand on Feminism.

So I told him that that fact sucks. Feminism doesn’t suck. Just the fact that that’s all I talk about (and behavioral psychology) with my own brother. We should be hanging out like normal people. But, no, we have debates.

Then he assured me that it’s always fun to talk about social issues with me. I then asked, “This is the reason why I’m single right? Guys find me weird.” He laughed then said “Nah, there’s bound to be at least one guy who’ll find your weirdness charming.”

Me: Are you saying that cause you’re my brother?

Him: Partly. But mostly because I’m a guy and I know how guys think. I know most guys are immature idiots AND you don’t want to date most guys. But, some guys are actually mature enough to handle girls like you and you deserve that. Besides if he liked you, he won’t find your weirdness weird. He’d find it cute.

Isn’t he the sweetest?


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