Dining at Le Creperie Paris

Yesterday, we decided to finally try eating at Le Creperie Paris.

I first found out about the restaurant on instagram. A friend posted a photo of the mango crepe being served there, and, when I checked the tag, the place had a lot of great photos. So I figured we should really try eating there soon.

After a few days of failed attempts because of the rain, we finally managed to get to Le Creperie Paris.

It’s located at Unit 1, Sonrisa Suites, Juana Osmena Street in Cebu City. We got a bit confused with the directions at first, then figured it out that the place is just a few meters away from the old Baseline near Mango Avenue.


Being a French-themed restaurant, they naturally had a cute mini Eiffel Tower to greet the guests upon entrance.

The whole restaurant has a classy, elegant theme. It features old photographs of Paris, a wine shelf, wooden furniture, small but beautiful chandeliers, and bouquets of roses. The place emits a romantic and quiet vibe which makes it a perfect place for dates and small get-togethers.



The price range for the food is a affordable but also a bit on the pricey side. A crepe costs around P95 to P145, depending on the ingredients used. They also have galletes that cost around the same price range. Their pasta is definitely much more pricey, with each costing around P125 to P200. They also serve wine, cheese, and pastries.

I ordered Le Cebuana – a crepe consisting of Manggang Cebu (known for its sweet and sour flavor) and my choice of syrup. I opted for dark chocolate over nutella. The crepe cost P125.

My brother ordered the Le Banana Split crepe with the nutella syrup. This, too, costs P125.

We didn’t order any more drinks because we were already quite full.

The crepes tasted good, but they’re a bit on the soft side. Other than that, the crepes taste really sweet. It’s actually quite perfect with tea. I was just hoping we’d get more for the crepes we’re consuming – more fruits, perhaps? Or ice cream on top?

Other than that, I wouldn’t mind coming back here with friends or family, if only to share with them the intimate ambiance of the place.

I, unfortunately, don’t think the crepes taste very special. I think they’re a bit overpriced considering that the crepes are actually quite simple, thin, and unfulfilling. They do taste good though, so I might give the other crepes a chance. I would also like to try their other meals. It would be nice to try out their other pastas and wines.

Rating: B




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