Walking on graveyards

A few days ago, Jennie asked me if I’d like to go with her and Myra to an event related to halloween. Back then, I didn’t really care what it was about. I just figured that it would be fun.

Fast forward to last night.

Jennie and Myra meet up with me at Parkmall. There, we had a few moments to chat up before we go to the “Horror Booth”.

When we got there, there were only a few people in line. The place didn’t look particularly scary. In fact, to me it looked like an overdecorated gate.

But I gotta hand it to them, the place was decorated really, really well.


I’ve been to several horror booths and they have never really scared me. I was quite confident that this Horror Park was no better. After all, it’s mostly just decoration and terribly fake makeup.


In fact, I was so confident about not getting scared that I was wearing heels…because, well, there’s no need to run so fast. I even started betting in my head as to who’d be screaming first: Myra or Jennie. I know, I’m a terrible friend.

So, we lined up to pay for the ticket which only cost Php 50 each. They asked us to remove any necklaces and accessories so we wouldn’t have any problems walking around. We were also asked to leave our bags, including our phones. As such, we can’t take any photos during the “walk around the park”. That actually turned out to be a good idea, because I don’t think anyone could actually use the phone considering we’d be screaming our lungs out.

The lady guard gave us one tiny torchlight to share among the three of us. I was skeptical because it doesn’t seem to offer much in terms of lighting.
We were goofing around a bit before we entered the gate when, suddenly, a groan came out from my back. When I turned around – lo! And behold! A zombie ghoul creature was breathing behind my back!!!

Expectation 1: I won’t be screaming first = VIOLATED

I screamed so loudly, Myra and Jennie ended up screaming along with me!

I mean, come on! Nobody warned me about zombies groaning behind our backs before we actually get to start.

So with a great scream fest for a start, we stepped into the gate.

The whole place was dark. I was right about the torchlight being useless. It flickered lightly in the darkness but we can hardly see anything with it. Jennie and Myra held my hand really tightly. We formed this tiny protective huddle just so no one gets left behind or dragged away from the group.

We haven’t made a few steps away from the gate when a little girl ghoul appeared right out of the blue!

She was wearing an all-white dress with traces of blood dripping from her eyes to her clothes…and she was staring straight at us!

We tried to make a run for it,but we were too huddled together. I can’t helo but laugh at our situation because we’re running away from a little girl!

But hands started grabbing my back and Jennie started screaming really loud. Ghouls came out of nowhere. They came out of walls. They came out of dark corners. They came out of floors!!

And they FOLLOWED!

I’ve been to horror booths before but the ghouls only stayed in one place, like they scared you in one area but they won’t follow you as you continue to walk around and meet new ghouls.

These guys followed us. They grabbed our hands. They jumped in front of us. And I was laughing and screaming at the same time. It was funny and sad. If this was a horror movie, we wouldn’t be able to survive…given our slow pace, our penchant for screaming instead of running, and how we couldn’t even walk around faster than we should.

It was hilarious. Our vocal chords definitely got a workout.

We didn’t realize we were holding our breaths until we finally got out into the light, where we ended up panting and laughing so hard it hurt our stomachs.

We then decided to have pictures taken of the three of us. By this time, we’re allowed to take our bags and phones with us since we won’t be going inside anymore.

We were all ready to pose…

Until we realized the ghouls are trying to photobomb our photo

There’s no risk of fear now, so we got around to properly taking a photo with them.

Of course, it hardly makes sense how or why we’d intentionally do something to scare ourselves.

But will we do it again?

Oh, definitely!


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