Girls Chase Boys: A Tribute to Gender Equality

Men in makeup and pink shirts.

Not exactly what many people would consider an ideal music video to watch. After all, we can always just watch women in tights grinding to a song for no specific reason, right?

But that’s the thing about popular media. We can always change the way people look at things.

With the advent of weird, extravagant, and over-the-top music videos by many of our popular artists, it’s safe to say that videos such as these are considered much, much tamer.

And it’s a good thing.

Because if it weren’t for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus, people wouldn’t have become more tolerant of graphic images explicitly advocating for a community shunned by social ignorance decades ago. Now, people have become a a bit more desensitized to images and videos posted on the internet. After all, anyone could post about pretty much anything now – including what was once considered images of a graphic or crude nature. In fact, several people still post about things some people would consider rude, offensive, or simply shocking to cater to the ever fluctuating attention span by several audiences of popular media.

Fortunately, this video doesn’t aim to offend anyone. In fact, this video is hardly crude or offensive. It simply advocates a message – a very important one at that. It’s actually very much empowering. I simply pointed put the fact that most people have become desensitized to graphic videos by several pop culture artists that openly spreading messages about gender equality, homosexuality, and LGBT rights have been considered quite tame and pretty much the norm.

A few decades ago – and even just a few years ago here in the Philippines – talking about gay rights and coming up with videos explicitly supporting homosexuality, bisexuality, and other expressions of sexuality have been considered taboo. The mere mention or indication of support is met with tacit disapproval and rude/demeaning comments. Any expressed support for gender equality was made difficult – if not, impossible – for many people. As such, several people were left “confused” and forced into hiding their gender identities for fear of scorn or social banishment. Even now, several children live in fear of being judged, bullied, or hurt by their peers and family members. Several teenagers who came out of the closet have lived in the streets because their families cannot accept or will not tolerate their gender identities, as if they could choose otherwise. As if these children – young men and women – chose to be gay, lesbian or transsexuals in order to grow up in a society that shuns them.

Some are fortunate to have a supportive family or peer group to help them deal with the pressure, the pain, and the fear. Unfortunately, many still don’t.

And this is why videos like these are important. They spread a highly relevant message to all young boys and girls out there saying,

“It’s okay to be gay. It’s okay to be bisexual. You can’t choose the way life and society treats you, but you could be the one to spark a change. Just be proud of yourself, because we are.”

A lot of kids need that these days.

For every kid who has ever been bullied for being different:

You are stronger now.

Screw it if  they say otherwise.

For people who are not so open-minded, here’s a time machine:

Go back to the crude, ignorant, narrow-minded century where you came from. You can bring along the videos of women in tights to keep yourself happy.

Heres to hoping you end up in the Jurassic era.


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