20 Facts About Me

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine tagged me on a post on Instagram. The post had the hashtag #20facts. Essentially, the person tagged is supposed to write 20 facts about himself or herself.

It was a great idea, but I didn’t like the photo I was tagged on. I reposted it anyway (because that was the point of reposting and tagging people on Instagram). Then, I figured maybe I should write down what I wrote in that Instagram post in a decent blog post. It would make more sense and people would actually read it.

So, here it is…20 facts about me:

1. I’m a feminist.

2. I’m a very huge advocate of gender equality.
That means, along with feminism, I support the LGBT community and believe they deserve to have as much rights to marriage, relationships, and family as much as the next straight couple. I also support men, because I know that men are just as important in bringing about important changes in our communities. Men are not the enemies. There are several men who are very supportive of gender equality, let’s not let a few close-minded bigots get in the way of our goal for a more open-minded society.
I believe people are people and their being decent human beings have nothing to do with their gender.
My brother claims I’m hardcore, but it’s only because I’m very much pro-choice and am very much liberal. Also, I wouldn’t be so hardcore if there were fewer bigots in the world.

3. I’m a cinephile.
I’m obsessed with films and I dream of making a really awesome film of my own. I make films, but I’m hoping to make more. Fortunately, there’s so much more to learn about films and making them.

4. I’m a starving and frustrated artist.
Sometimes I come up with great ideas, but most times I’m just hungry. My stomach is a black hole and that’s a dreadful hindrance to artistic creativity.

5. My feelings drive my hunger, and my hunger drives my feelings.
Whenever I’m happy, I want to celebrate it by eating.
Whenever I’m sad or angry, I eat my feelings.
Whenever I’m hungry, I’m a grouch.
Whenever I’m starving, I’m violent, grouchy, and…you probably don’t want to find that out.
You get the picture.

6. I get happy over the simplest things.

7. I’m not very tolerant of stupidity.

8. I’m a huge Murakami fan.

9. I’m a huge Greek Mythology geek. I’m also an anime, Marvel comics, J-Pop, Asian literature, and K-Pop geek.
You know, what, scratch that.
I’m a huge geek.

10. I believe in the Law of Attraction.
Basically, if you want something hard enough and you believe you deserve it, the universe will grant it to you in one way or another.

11. I’m easily distracted and I’m mostly fickle-minded.

12. I’m not very tolerant of sexist, uptight, and judgmental bigots.

13. I believe men and women have very fluid sexualities.
Please refer to the Kinsey scale and read up on the works of Alfred Kinsey.

Kinsey Scale

14. I may be a Type 7 (The Enthusiast) in the Enneagram Personality Range.

15. I love connecting with children.
They’re very fun. Also, I’ll always be a child at heart.

16. Patience isn’t my virtue.

17. I’ve dreamed of going to Japan ever since I was young.

18. I have a bucket list of things I want to do before I die.

19. I like talking.
I’d probably be one of the most talkative people you’ll ever meet.

20. I dream of traveling around the world.


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